Doom 3 Monsters Analysis

Analysis of the Monsters of Doom 3 including screenshots and discussion. The creatures of Doom 3. It is worth noting that some of the imagery in Doom 3 has quite strong horror elements and that these article does contain spoilers.


doom 3 imp
The imp is the second variety of creature to appear in the game, just after the Zombies. This particular monster is used far too often in Doom 3 and is quite hardy taking two shotgun blasts to kill when playing on the higher difficulties.


Imps are lesser demons that make their way from hell to the mars base. They serve as the foot solidiers of hells army. They use some variety of gland in their arms to generate a blast similar to throwing a grenade.


Get at close to medium range and blast them with the shotgun or use the assault rifle to kill them at a distance. Occasionally when they get in close they will do a jump attack which very often hits, but can sometimes be countered by moving backwards and to the side with a jump.


doom 3 pinky

This creature has a large, dog-like body at its front and mechanical pelvis and legs. It is also said that the reason for the blood around its mouth is that it must eat its way through its own flesh when it is born/formed in order to expose its mouth. It most clearly represents a dog such as a bulldog or a pug, possibly suggesting some variety of link.


Despite its size, this creature cannot actually take too much firepower so just keep shooting it. Its attacks do knock your aim off, so automatic weapons can be better. Just move backwards away from it and fire.


The wraith is a small creature about 2 or 3 feet tall that often hides in corners and teleports towards its target.


Biologically, the Wraith most closely resembles a bat with leathery, dark wings that drape over its form. It attacks by teleporting close to a target and swiping at it using its bladed elbow. The wraith is the only creature in Doom 3 that seems to have the ability to teleport repeatedly of its own will, though this does seem limited to short distances. Its wings also suggest it has the potential to fly, though it largely remains flightless.


Wait for it to teleport towards you, when it arrives blast it with the shotgun. Overall the Wraith is a very easy creature to beat.


doom 3 maggot

This creature has a really strange biology, as both of its halves have slight differences. The right half has a claw very much resembling a crab’s, whereas the left half has a hand with sharpened nails. Each of its heads also has a frog-like, long tongue.


Just shoot it, overall it is not a very tough creature and fortunately it does not leap like the Imp does. The only complexity in fighting it is that it sometimes leans down and swipes at your knees, which can make it difficult to fight properly in the dark when you cannot see it.


doom 3 trite
The trite is an undead, spider-like monster that appears relatively early in the game and is one of the more disturbing enemies of the game.


These spider-like creatures first begin appearing just before the vagary, suggesting some type of relation between the two. Their body is comprised of a human-like head, upside-down and various bones arranged as its legs.


You can simply pull out your hand gun and kill these monsters as they cannot take much of a hit. The main difficulty is that they come out of the ceiling, walls and floors. If they get in close, it is best to use a gun with a high fire rate like the assault rifle.


The tick is closely related to the trite, but is slightly smaller. It tends to appear only later in the game after having gone to hell, and in particular appears in an L-shaped hallway where they keep coming and coming.


It has a similar biology to the Trite, though its head is the right way up. It has an oddly baby-like appearance on its facial features and a partially exposed brain.


Often, in order to stop the flow of these creatures you will need to use the soul cube on them or they will keep coming. This suggests that they respawn or regenerate in some way.


doom 3 vagary
The Vagary is a half-spider, half-woman creature that uses telekenesis and its hands to attack. It also appears in some way related to the Trite, most likely spawning them. It also appears to have a Mancubus growing inside it, though whether that is actually what is inside it is unknown.


The creature also has some limited telekinetic ability, though seems limited to specific objects within its environment which may in fact be living themselves.


The Vagary is fairly easy to beat, use the chaingun and just keep firing until it does. Also Strafe back and forth to attempt to avoid being hit by the projectiles and if the Vagary approaches simply move backwards.


There is quite a history of relating females to spiders in a hellish form of some variety or another. The basic gist of the symbolism is that female pride is punished by transforming a female into a spider, usually from the waist down. This can clearly be seen in Gustav Dore’s painting of Arachne in hell:

arachne painting dante gustave dore
It can also be seen in Lloth from the Forgotten Realms setting who resides in a hell-like Abyss after being punished for pride:



doom 3 revenant
The Revenant appears about three quarters through the game and is one of the harder demons to beat on first encounter. This is due to its tracking missiles and its physical hardiness. Fortunately, it walks at quite a slow pace.


The revenant has one of the strangest biologies of all the monsters of Doom 3. Firstly, it is partially mechanical, partially organic and partially undead. It has mounted, guided rocket launchers on its shoulders and its entire body is surrounded by a thin, transparent bubble.


Attacking the revenant around a corner using a grenade is a fairly efficient way to kill it, as it will be unable to hit with its slow moving missiles. Also, popping out and blast them and then popping back behind a barrier is effective. If caught in the open, strafing from side-to-side quickly will enable you to dodge the tracking missiles.


The original idea of the revenant in folklore is that it was a reanimated corpse that arose to harass those it knew in life that survived. In particular it was a popular icon around the time of the black plague, representing those that died rising from the grave, made famous by the painting ‘the triumph of death’:

revenant painting
The revenant in Doom 3 is strikingly similar in appearance.


doom 3 mancubus
The Mancubus is a large, slow moving demon that appears occasionally in often unexpected areas. It uses two cannons attached to its arms which fire some variety of heat blast to attack.


The Mancubus is a large, quite fat creature that moves at a slow rate but can take a lot of hits. It also seems to have a slightly Elephant-like head and eyes.


The Mancubus is actually incredibly easy to beat because its attacks can always be dodged. The trick is to strafe from side-to-side and alter direction when it fires. So when it fires with one cannon immediately change strafing direction. In this way you can completely avoid being hit even at quite close range.


doom 3 sabaoth
Sabaoth is a corruption of Sarge, which takes the form of a giant half-tank, half-human using a BFG. At what precise stage Sarge was corrupted is unclear.


Sarge’s body has become undead, his skin rotting. His lower body has forged with a tank or crane of some variety, which would explain his pincer arm.


One of the easiest ways to defeat the Sabaoth is to simply use the Soul Cube on it.

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