Doom Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to help you in Doom, Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom.

Doom Controls Optimization

Doom’s default control settings are awful when compared to today’s shooters. As a result, there are a number of great tips that will help you dramatically improve the game.

Set Always Run to On

Quite a few Doom players do not realize that the default movement pace is actually walking. Running is dramatically faster, and in the options there is a setting that enables running to be the default movement speed. I do not see any real reason not to have this setting always on.

Use the Mouse to turn, Keys to Strafe

Instead of using keys to turn, using the mouse is far more efficient particularly if you have zDoom or any other variation of Doom that allows free vertical looking. This frees up the keys to allow strafing, which can be assigned in the options. In essence, you set the left movement key to strafe left, and the right to strafe right. This way you can move out of the way of projectiles and under cover while firing on the enemy.

Use WSAD as Movement Keys

Use w for forward, s for backward, a for strafe left and d for strafe right. The benefit of this key combination is that the number keys are close by, allowing for fast weapon changes.

Weapon Guide

The interesting thing about Doom is that almost all the weapons remain useful throughout the game, in various ways. Herein, the usefulness of the various weapons will be explored and discussed.

Pain Threshold

Before discussiong the weapons it is important to understand that the monsters in Doom have a pain threshold alongside a rate of attack. This means that if you hurt them enough before they attack the attack will be prevented. Each of the monsters has a different pain threshold and rate of attack, so certain weapons work better.


The chainsaw is a fantastic weapon, with unlimited ammo. One of the best ways to use it is to wait around a corner with the chainsaw on, thereby immediately catching onto a monster that tries to get around the corner. This is particularly useful if you happen to be out of ammo. The chainsaw also does enough damage to stop cacodemons, the flying demons, from attacking as well as normal demons, the pink ones, and imps.


The shotgun is useful for dealing with imps and humanoids, firing at a relatively fast rate and doing quite a bit of damage. In actuality, the shotgun is also quite good at range as well.

Super Shotgun

Perhaps the best weapon in the game. Fire, duck under cover, step out and fire again and repeat. Also fantastic for taking out large groups and a full blast can stop most attacks. Only drawback is the slow fire rate, allowing almost all monsters to get off an attack as it reloads.


The chaingun is a great weapon due to the pace at which it fires. It is specifically effective against Cacodemons as it stops them from attacking. It even mostly stops the Revenant, the skeleton creature, from attacking.

Rocket Launcher

Does a great amount of damage, fires at a moderate pace, but can hurt the player. Useful against crowds and powerful demons, and fantastic to use when you happen to come by the invulnerability sphere.

Plasma Rifle

The Plasma rifle fires fast, does a great amount of damage and does not hurt the player. Against small groups fire in bursts to conserve ammo.


The BFG’s main projectile does major damage to the target it hits and minor damage to all visible foes. It is important to recall that line of sight effects the BFG’s blast damage so keep your foes visible. The BFG is really straight forward overall, but has its most specific use against the arch vile. One blast with the main projectile against the arch vile should kill it.

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