Electric Shaver Vs Razor: The Positives and Negatives

Electric Shaver Vs Razor: Benefits of the Electric Shaver

Electric shavers have a number of benefits over using razors to shave. The first and primary benefit of electric shavers is that they are significantly less likely to cause razor burn. Not only is Razor burn an irritating itch, it also often appears quite bad as well in the form of a red rash. Furthermore, it can get worse over time and appear as cuts in the skin that also bleed. As such, avoiding razor burn with an electric shaver is a great benefit for people with sensitive skin.

The second benefit of an electric razor is that it does not require shaving cream to be used, or any water, and thus can be used in a really portable and fast manner. This particularly helps if you noticed you missed something in shaving and need a quick touch up.

Electric Shaver Vs Razor: Negatives of the Electric Shaver

The greatest negative of the electric shaver is that sometimes it does not catch all the hair in an area, so you have to redo a spot multiple times. This can get very annoying when a single hair seems to consistently avoid being cut by the razor.

Negative number two for the electric razor is its dependence on batteries. To be fair to electric razors the large majority, if not all of them, have in-built batteries that come with a charger that can be plugged into a PowerPoint. However, even this can be annoying at times and is added to by an almost universal lack of a battery charge indicator that shows how much battery life is left. This means that sometimes mid shave you need to switch to a normal razor or even plug it in and let it charge for a while before resuming.

Electric Shaver Vs Razor: Benefits of the Razor

The primary and most important benefit of shaving with a razor is how close a razor shaves. Razors work by cutting off the top layer of skin along with the hair, and as such can give a closer shave than an electric shaver can hope to do. This also means that the hair will take longer to grow back, so less shaving is required with a razor. The secondary benefit of a razor is that the blade is completely under your control, so it will not miss a hair unless you do. As such, it can give a much more customised shave than an electric shaver can, specifically in the case where you wish to keep some hair but shave other bits.

Electric Shaver Vs Razor: Negatives of the Razor

The worse negative of the razor is that it can result in razor burn, often whether it is used correctly or not. Furthermore, it can result in other such injuries as cutting and red marks against the skin even when it does not cause razor burn. Subsequently, shaving with a razor can be both painful and look awful.

The second negative of shaving with a razor is that it can be very inconvenient and sticky, requiring the use of shaving cream or gel alongside water and a kitchen. For males, this often means that a little bit of shaving cream might end up in their hair or even on their clothing.

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