Final Fantasy 12 Plot Analysis

Final Fantasy 12 has a fantastic plot, perhaps the strongest plot of the entire Final Fantasy series. The underlying themes of Final Fantasy 12 will be analysed and discussed herein.

Final Fantasy 12 Plot Overview

The plot of Final Fantasy 12 follows Vaan, an orphan of war, as he gets caught up in a quest to liberate his home nation of Dalmasca from the Achadian Empire. He unites with the exiled Queen of Dalmasca, Ashe, and the sky pirate Balthier as they get caught up together trying to free the nation. Meanwhile, their enemy Vayne Solidor gains power in Arcadia and prepares for war.

Deconstruction of Star Wars

The plot of Final Fantasy 12 actually serves as a deconstruction of Star Wars. There are a great number of similiarities between Star Wars and Final Fantasy 12, but the way in which the concepts are used differs dramatically. In Star Wars, the spiritual force is seen as the ultimate power that trumps technology and science. In Final Fantasy 12, reason and logic are seen as superior with technology given particular precedent. Where the spiritual force wins in Star Wars, the technological advancements of humanity win in Final Fantasy 12. The emperor and Darth Vader in Star Wars are both undoubtedly evil for much of the story, whereas Vayne Solidor and Judge Gabranth both seem somewhat evil but are in fact misunderstood. Even the Occurian gods are somewhat goodly in that they believe that humanity cannot correctly manage the world and its resources, which may be a fair belief. In this way the game’s plot is deconstructing Star Wars in that no one, even the Occurian gods, are absolutely evil.

Dalmasca and Arcadia, Middle East and West

The war between Dalmasca and Arcadia is a clear allegory for the war between the middle east and the west. Interstingly, Final Fantasy 12 uses a plot trick in that those with caucasian appearances are in fact the middle easterners and those with middle eastern appearances are westerners. As a result of this, western audiences are more likely to accidentally associate themselves with the middle eastern characters such as Vaan, Penelo and Ashe. In other words, they associate themselves with their current enemy.

Dr. Cid The Mad Scientist

Final Fantasy 12 Doctor Cid and Venat

Doctor Cid initially comes across as the archetypal, power hungry, mad scientist but in fact is very different. This continues with the theme of breaking down binary oppositions in that Cid simply does not fit into one of the two categories.

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