Friv Heir Guide and Review

Guide to the Friv game Heir about a man who apparently seeks to rid a people of a most unusual plague and inherit a kingdom. Included is also a review that explores the problems with the game. Unfortunately the game is very buggy which makes it basically unplayable.


At the start of the game you are situated on top of a cliff.

Friv Heir

The first thing you need to do is run off the cliff and drop into the water below. You can survive the fall because of the water.

Friv Heir Monster

The next step is to run across the ground and over the creatures toes. On its left leg there are some vines hanging down which can be climbed.

Friv Heir Climbing

Unfortunately, it is at this point that I cannot progress further due to bugs in the game.


The game has a problem that causes the player to fall through the ground into nothingness. While this may have been a browser based issue, my browser is the most recent version of chrome which should be good enough. As a result of his bug the game cannot be recommended. However, for the sake of review other factors will be reviewed.

The game has a good concept behind it with an action element that goes well beyond most browser based games. The gameplay seems to be heavily inspired by the Playstation game Shadows of Colossus. You cannot really fight or attack anything in a direct way because your foe is a screen-shaking giant, rendering any potential attack ineffective. The overall idea is a good one and it would make a great browser game if it just worked properly.

Play it here!

Developer: Armor Games

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