Friv Review

Review of the Friv games website. The Friv website is a website full of children’s games that are all browser based. Many of them contain puzzles, counting activities and the like. They are quite typical games for children and are completely safe.

Game Quality

The quality of games can really be hit or miss. Some of them are programmed perfectly and really strongly resemble old DOS games. Others just are not that well made and feature major bugs that completely ruin them. The sound design could also be better on most games, with very generic sounds

The games are all childrens games but some of them can also be surprisingly difficult. Just why the designers made them so hard, often harder than newer and more serious games, is a bit confusing given their target audience. This is one area where the games could really be improved: by adding difficulty settings to them.

Quantity of Games


There seems to be roughly 250 games on offer which are all free to play in your browser. It is unlikely, with so many games to play, that children will get bored particularly quickly though the games may seem a bit too kiddy for older children.


Friv is absolutely safe for children. There are some minor elements of very, very slight violence akin to what you might find in Pokemon or Mario, but overall it is absolutely safe. The most violent game on the entire thing is Midnight Strike which has some lazer weaponry and a little bit of military talk.

Friv Midnight Strike

In short: the games are all safe for children to play.


Friv is fun for children to play around with simple and free games. Its worth having a quick look at as a source of entertainment though many of the games lack the kind of depth that other popular children’s games like Pokemon have.

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