Games That Have Large Female Fanbases

Female gamers have become an increasingly common occurence, though the distribution of female gamers tends towards specific games and types of games. Here are some games that have large female fan-bases with explanations as to why they seem to have appealed to them.

The Sims

It should come as little surprise that The Sims has a large female fanbase given that the gameplay itself is basically the equivalent of a doll house that contains dolls with artificial intelligence. According to the New York Times The Sims has an overwhelmingly female-based playerbase, with 60% of The Sims players being female. There are further features of the game that seem to be appealing to women. A lack of competitiveness compared to more conventional games, given that it is hard to truly ‘lose’ a game of The Sims. Another feature is that the game has a heavy focus on social relationships. These qualities appear to have lead to it being adopted by a largely female player-base.

Silent Hill

Female gamers tend to have a strange preference for horror games, for reasons that are very difficult to ascertain. While games like Resident Evil seem popular, the more psychologically subtle and character driven Silent Hill series seems to be the winner amongst women. It is very dififcult to say precisely why this appeals specifically to women, though the series does have much better and more realistic portrayals of female characters than almost any other game. The design of Heather from Silent Hill 3 shows a sincere desire to accurately represent women as human beings that few games are willing to attempt.


RPGS of any kind, such as World of Warcraft and Neverwinter Nights have surprisingly large female fanbases. No doubt the mixture of the social experiences, story-telling and character creation are the appeal these games hold to women collectively.


The appeal of these games seems to be in contextualizing gameplay within story and emotions. This is a cliched understanding of what women prefer, with some women undoubtedly bucking the trend, but seems to have some clear truth associated with it.

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