Google Panda Review

Google Panda update review and discussion that focuses on the positives and negatives of the latest Google search results update. We are consumers, Google is a service, and so it is entirely fine to review Google’s Panda update and the consequences of it. This review aims to reveal the full consequences of the Panda update, both positive and negative.


A lot of people put a lot of work into building backlinks and establishing their sites in positions. To some extent it may have been unfair to other content, who’s author did not put much effort into backlinks, but building backlinks still constitutes work. This is the absolute major negative of the Google Panda update: it not only wiped that work slate clean overnight, but actually punished people for having done it. Sometimes Google does not seem to understand that it is possible to be harsh but unfair.

The next negative to the panda update is that it has resulted in factors other than backlinks being particularly important. This has lead to sites with particularly suitable domain names rising sharply in searches, even though those sites can be very low quality. Furthermore, it is easier to rank now by simply acquiring the right domain name and producing some low quality content than it is to rank by just focusing on content. A major negative to the Panda update.


One clear positive is that people who have a great network of fellow bloggers, all giving each other links, will not have as easy a time getting their content indexed well. This will definitely result in a fairer playing field in getting content higher in search engines. The big problem here was not that networks were building backlinks but that they were exclusive so no one else had the tools to compete.


Overall, the Panda update is a disappointment. It is clear what Google is trying to do: make popular content that is likely to answer a query appear higher in search engines. However, Panda does not really seem to have made that much of a difference, just presenting different opportunies to exploit search results. As a result, all of the work put into promoting a website went down the drown for very little end-user gain.

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