Google Search Easter Eggs

Type these search terms into Google to see some Easter Eggs Google has included into their search system. Easter Eggs are basically just hidden gimmicks in a piece of software that you can access by doing a very specific action. Google has included some amusing Easter Eggs that make fun of and play around with specific search terms. Herein, how to access various Easter Eggs in Google’s search will be revealed.

Do A Barrel Roll

Type the search phrase “Do A Barrel Roll” into Google to get a neat effect in which the screen rolls clockwise. This Easter Egg is based on the barrel roll meme, in which any troublesome situation can allegedly be escaped by performing a barrel roll across the ground.

Google Do A Barrel Roll Screenshot


Type ‘Tilt” into Google’s search engine and the entire page will be tilted. It is a fairly simple trick overall, here is a screenshot of the effect:

Google Tilt Screenshot

There does not appear to be any specific source for this idea, it just seems to be a very simple tilt.
Zerg Rush

Type “Zerg Rush” into Google to get the O’s from the word Google to attack the various elements on the page, before coming together to make the letters GG (meaning Good Game). Here is a screenshot:

Google Zerg Rush Screenshot

This Easter Egg is based on the Zerg from the Starcraft Real Time Strategy game and the way in which you can create a lot of the weakest Zerg unit and swarm over your enemies, which is called a Zerg Rush.


This is the least interesting of the Google search tricks, but is still worth mentioning. If you type in “Anagram”  the search engine responds with “Did you mean: nag a ram” which is itself an Anagram. An anagram being a word or phrase made up by re-arranging the letters of another.

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