Google Has a Monopoly

Google, as the best search engine, has grown dramatically with the drastic increase in Internet use and looks set to grow further given the lowering costs of computers. As a result, Google has something of a monopoly over internet searches and in turn internet advertising. The question is: what are the repercussions of Google’s monopoly?

Google as an Organization

Fortunately, Google as an organization is about as trustworthy as any large organization can possibly be. They pass on large amounts of the profits of their advertising, provide accurate searches that may even hurt their own advertising revenue and overall are not involved in many controversies.

Google’s Advertising Monopoly

Perhaps the biggest issue with Google’s monopoly over the Internet is in regards to its Adsense advertising campaign. Personally, I have had no real issues with Adsense as I obeyed the rule of not clicking on my own advertisements. However, whenever the topic of Adsense comes up the issue of being banned from it follows shortly after. While I am sure quite a few of these are people complaining because they broke the rules, it also seems like Adsense may be a little harsh at times dishing out full account bans for what are reported as mistakes.

Google’s Monopoly Over Internet Searches

There are two aspects of Google’s monopoly over internet searches that need to be discussed. Firstly, Google orders results based on algorithms. This means that in theory, once they have designed the algorithm, they have little say over who gets indexed where. As a result, while Google may have a monopoly over Internet searches it is perhaps more accurate to say that Google’s algorithm has a monopoly rather than the organization itself. However, as the algorithm is a cultural production it is still safe to say that certain values went into the design of that algorithm. Interestingly, this could even be seen as a form of neo-colonialism in which the value of one type of information over another is decided upon by a Western company.

In Favor of Google

While the aforementioned problems are legitimate, the issue is that Google has a monopoly for a reason: it provides great content based on searches. For me perseonally, I can find any information more efficiently with Google than with any other search engine. There is something strange in the way Google provides the academic information I desire more effectively than my universities library search system.


Google’s Internet monopoly has so far not proven to be a specific problem and exists because of how great Google’s search engine is. However, it is a something worthy of observation as it could very easily become a problem.

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