Harry Potter Love Story: How Love is the Theme of Harry Potter

Love as a Magical Force and Theme of Harry Potter

While Harry Potter would seem to be a story largely about magic and the battle between good and evil, the true theme of Harry Potter is love. Herein, examples of how the motif of love is used in the Harry Potter world will be revealed with examples given. This article may contain spoilers.

How Love Is The Theme of Harry Potter: Harry Potter’s Parents

Harry Potter’s parents, Lily and James Potter, loved each other and their son. Subsequently, they died protecting him and it was through this ‘love’ that Harry Potter was able to defeat Lord Voldemort as a baby and hence earn his iconic scar. The idea here is that despite Voldemort’s immense power he was unable to defeat love.

How Love Is The Theme of Harry Potter: Snape’s Love

Snape’s love for Lily Potter, Harry Potter’s mother, is basically the driving force behind all his actions. Snape is a Death Eater, a member of Voldemort’s innermost circle, yet it is his love for Lily that causes him to work against Voldemort and to protect Harry Potter.

How Love Is The Theme of Harry Potter: Voldemort’s Lovelessness

The series’ prime antagonist, Voldemort, was born from a loveless union. His mother tricked a man she loved into loving her using a love potion, which she then stopped giving to him and the love subsequently dried up. She died giving birth to her son Tom Riddle, who would become Lord Voldemort, and as such Lord Voldemort was never truly loved. In this way Lord Voldemort’s parents are the opposite of Harry Potter’s parents.

How Love Is The Theme of Harry Potter: Narcissa Malfoy’s Love For Her Son

Narcissa Malfoy, whom is Draco Malfoy’s mother, spares Harry Potter’s life and reports that he is dead to Voldemort in exchange for information concerning her son’s safety. This in turn leads to Harry Potter surviving and coming to face Lord Voldemort, which leads to Voldemort’s spell backfiring and his subsequent death at his own hands. As such, her love for her son outweighs her fear of Lord Voldemort and this love leads to his final defeat. Subsequently, Lord Voldemort is defeated twice at the hands of the love between a mother and a son.

How Love Is The Theme of Harry Potter: Dumbledore and Grindelwald

As it turns out, Dumbledore is gay and subsequently had a love interest early in his life called Grindelwald. Grindelwald is said to be the second most dangerous dark wizard, behind Voldemort. Dumbledore become his enemy when during a spell battle with Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s brother, Dumbledore’s sister was killed. After some time, Grindelwald grew in power and Dumbledore went on to defeat him. As such, it is love for both Grindelwald and his own sister that resulted in Dumbledore defeating him.

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