Has Information Technology Truly Improved Our Lives?

Has Information Technology truly improved our lives? It is a difficult question to answer properly. Information Technology and gadgets have certainly empowered us, but whether this means that it has also improved our lives is quite a different question. Herein the topic will be explored in detail by focusing on the negatives and the positives.

Negatives of Information Technology

Work Hours

We are working more hours on average then our parents were due to various extra-hours technology. For example, employers often ask employees to arrive earlier to make sure their computers are started for the day of work ahead.

Attachment to Work

The main problem technology has brought up for people and their work lives is that technology has made them constantly accessible and attached to employers. For example, due to mobile phones you can be called into work at almost any time. As people are more commonly completing work at home the boundaries between work and private lives become blurred, rather than a period of time to relax and rejuvenate.


Alongside the effect, there is increasing evidence to show that general technology use and the excess of stimuli raises anxiety. Even gaming causes increased levels of anxiety.

Positives of Information Technology

Fast Calculations

There is no doubt about it, Information Technology has dramatically improved our ability to do tedious calculations quickly. This means that we are often spared from doing them ourselves which is fantastic. It has also lowered the costs of doing business, specifically in heavy mathematics fields such as engineering. Where it once would have taken days to fix drafts if a minor change was needed, it now can take less than an hour or even under 5 minutes in good circumstances.

Record Keeping

Business packages such as MYOB have definitely made having a business easier for the long term, particularly as tax systems become more and more confusing. With software like MYOB you can keep records stored electronically and all information related to expected tax and the like is calculated for you.

Information Access

The Internet is a vast wealth of information that is largely free for anyone to access. If you wish to know how to do something, the Internet probably has the answer.


Applications like Skype enable us to communicate cheaply with anyone in the world, unthinkable with conventional telephone costs.


Information Technology has been great for business, but for our personal lives it has probably been for the worst. While personal technology use is not such a problem, the blurring of our personal and work lives is a major step back in workers rights.

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