How Google Handles Problems

This story is an example of how Google handles problems. It is service like this which no doubt has lead to Google being such an economic giant.

Recently I learned that an extension I had downloaded for Google’s Chrome browser, that allowed me to download YouTube videos as Mp3s, Flv and Mp4 files, had been redirecting any Amazon link I clicked on to a page based on a third parties affiliate ID. What this means is that whenever I clicked on an Amazon link and bought something a part of the money would end up going to this third party, which had effectively snuck some redirecting software into my browser along with their extension.

I was naturally quite irritated by this, afterall I have used affiliate advertising myself and the idea of someone essentially stealing my clicks got to me. I quickly logged into Google and began writing a complaint about the extension on one of their tech support forums. Now, on these types of forums more details is better so I looked up the extension in the hopes of providing a URL but I could no longer find it. Confused, I did a search and found that Google had not only already dealt with the problem by deleting the extension but had also created their own official YouTube video downloader in response to prevent it happening again.

YouTube Downloader

That is how Google handles problems.

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