How Skype Can Grow to Become a True Giant

Skype could be one of the biggest, undoubtedly this thought is what led Microsoft to purchase it. Herein, the ways in which Microsoft’s Skype can continue to grow and grow will be shown.

Skype Logo

Further Integration With Social Media

This basically means better integration with Facebook, but Myspace is also included. Microsoft has already integrated quite effectively with Google’s search results with Skype having an installation option which allows it to integrate with browsers to provide a call option on search results and the like. It is a major step forward, but something that needs to be added and encouraged on sites like Facebook. The combination will work particularly well and will even further increase Skype’s user base.

Cooperating with ISPs and Telecommunication Companies

This is a really important part of Skype’s potential growth. Instead of having the service as something that is downloaded serpately, it would be great if it were part of the Internet deals you could make via ISPs and Telecommunication companies. They could receive a share of the money for encouraging the use and Microsoft would profit through more use.

Improved Stability and User Friendliness

SKype should not be a service you install on computing devices, but rather a base service that is simply included on them by default. It is such a fundamental concept: being able to call and talk to people. As a result, it should just be a default rather than an add-on. This would naturally increase the use of Skype quite dramatically, with people then assuming it is a basic feature of computing as it should be.


Amazon, Ebay and even GumTree have all had aggressive advertising campaigns with adverts on television. It makes sense that Skype would as well, given that it is a great product that would appeal to many people and that television advertisements would reach a market that it otherwise would not.


Skype could become a true giant of technology as it offers not just the ability for local and country wide calls but also international at basically the same price provided the other person is using it. It is undoubtedly soon to be a major, major player in technology and communication.

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