How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

How to stay on Google’s good side as a publisher, advertiser or just in a general sense shown with examples. While Google is by no means a perfect, moral organization it does try to do the right thing. This means that Google will often try to do ‘good’ by people even if they are not legally obligated to. The trick to getting along with Google is to understand that as a publisher using Adsense, an advertiser or just as an individual Google really does expect similar behavior from you. Once you have that in mind, Google is actually quite easy to get along with. Here are some simple things that may help to make sure you stay on Google’s good side.

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Google’s Morality

There are two things to understand with Google in regards to how their ethics seems to operate. The first is that they hate when any website wastes people’s time. This means that if you bury information behind advertisements and the like, particularly popups, expect Google to dislike your website. Of course, there is some complexity here as ultimately if you do intend to use advertisements then they have to be seen. However, just make sure the valuable information of you site outweighs your advertisements.

The second is that they tend to hold an ethical principle similar to the golden rule. The golden rule is very simple: treat other people as you would wish to be treated in their shoes. For this reason Google dislikes when people attempt to cheat the back-link system, because  the treatment is unfair to other people who have websites as your site is unnecessarily boosted over theirs.


A lot of publishers end up being banned from Adsense but do not understand precisely why. The main thing seems to be: write valuable content and do not display the advertisements in ways they are overly intrusive. Valuable content means content that you have some degree of expertise in. Don’t write medical content if you are not a medical professional, because you are not an expect and it is morally questionable whether you should be giving advice on a subject that can endanger people. It seems to be the case that Google is increasingly cracking down on people who are not experts pretending to be experts on the Internet. Really, this is dead easy to avoid.


On one hand advertisers pay for their ads to be displayed via Adwords, on the other those advertisements reflect on Google. As such, there are certain things they dislike. Primarily, they dislike people selling particularly low quality products and generally ripping people off. Its fine to sell low quality products as low quality products, but do not pretend they are better in creating your advertisements. To add further to this, Google is 50/50 about affiliate marketers and tends to prefer people selling products to just advertise themselves rather than linking via affiliates.

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