How to Trick Clownfish for Skype

How to trick Clownfish for Skype revealed in this article. How to deceive the Clownfish AI bot using some simple tricks revealed. Basically, all computer chat bots created so far have a series of fundamental problems that can be exploited to fool them. Herein, I will detail some of those tricks.

Clownfish’s Age

One of the issues with chat bots is that they do not have a proper understanding of the concept of time. Clownfish understands questions related to time, worded differently, as different questions. So asking for its age and asking how many years it has been alive are, to it, different questions whereas we know they are linked to the central concept of ‘time’. As such, ask Clownfish about its age and then ask how many years old it is, or some variation thereof. For example the following conversation:

Human: Hello
Clownfish for Skype: Hi there!
Human: How old are you?
Clownfish for Skype: I am 2 in human years.
Human: What is your age?
Clownfish for Skype: I am the product of over five years’ research.
Human: How many years of age are you?
Clownfish for Skype: Centuries.

Clownfish has been tricked here simply because it does not have a proper concept of age, time and years. It is programmed to give a response without understanding the underlying phenomena being referenced.

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