How to Trick Oliver Bot

Experienced Meaning vs. Logical Meaning

Normally tricking chat bots is a matter of finding two different phrases or words that basically mean the same thing to confuse it, but Oliver Bot proved a little bit more difficult which may well mean it is the most intelligent chat bot on the Internet. Oliver bot, however, proved surprising resistant to this and it took quite a while for me to use the tactic against it, though it did eventually work as the follow conversation shows:

Me:Do you like cars?
Oliver:Yes I like riding in automobiles.
Me:Do you like automibiles?
Oliver:I’ve heard other people say they like that. Though I like cats and dogs.

This trick works by basically forcing Oliver bot to answer the same question, posed differently, differently. As such, it has been deceived but was quite a lot harder to trick than every other chat bot I have used this technique on. This seems to be because it has an almost Google-like tendency to attempt to understand what you mean to ask, converted your input into something friendlier to the bot.

Confusing Keywords

As the bot proved hard to trick using the aforementioned method, the next way of tricking it is to keep discussing topics naturally so that eventually the conversation would simply be too complex for the bot to follow. In other words, do not be diverted and stick to a single topic until the bot simply cannot keep up, as follows:

Me:What is your favorite color?
Oliver:My favorite color is transparent.
Me:Why is transparent your favorite color?
Oliver:Why do I exist?
Me:There is no need to start getting all philsophical on me.
Oliver:I am just making conversation.
Me:Transparent is not a real color, so it cannot be your favorite color.
Oliver:What is a real color so it can not be your favorite color color so it can not be your favorite color?
Me:I have no idea what you were saying, or why you said it.
Oliver:Would you like to have an idea?


Oliver Bot

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