Interviews with Sports Stars are Awful

Interviews with sports stars after events are absolutely awful. For many, the sporting events themselves are rivoting and it seems that there would be much that the participates in it could or even should say to interviewers. Yet, after every sporting event the athletes say nothing of interest whatsoever. They do comment on their performance, but that commentary is dull and clichéd.

Nearly every interview with sports stars after an event tends to follow two specific patterns.

If the star has lost:

I came out, did my best and yeah just didn’t win it.

If the star has won:

I put my head down and ran/kicked/kept going and looks like it won it for me. Its a fairytale/dream come true.

The interviews that follow any sporting event lack any personality or substance. There are of course examples of sports stars that buck this trend and have a little more charisma, for instance Muhammad Ali who was much more likely to be expressive, poetic and entertaining. However, the general trend is for very tedious and dull interviews which makes one wonder just why these people get such luxurious sponsorship deals. Surely the best representative for a brand would be someone with charisma rather than a great body but a slow mind. Perhaps my mistake is in thinking people want products to be represented by someone with the lights on upstairs.

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