Is This Doom 4?

Alleged screenshots of Doom 4 compared to visuals from earlier games such as Doom 2. Are these screenshots legitimate images of Doom 4? Recently the website All Games Beta posted a series of screenshots which it claims are images from Doom 4. Herein I will compare them to earlier visuals from the series in the hopes of finding some answers as to whether or not they are related to the Doom series.

Three Screenshots Compared

Here are three screenshots from Doom 2 compared to screenshots said to be from Doom 4:

doom 2 hell on earth doom 4 hell on earth

doom 2 sky screenshot doom 4 sky screenshot

doom 2 alley doom 4 alley

Are these just coincidental or are they fairly close to what a modern version of Doom 2 would actually look like? The progression seems sensible enough, essentially that the game Doom 4 would follow shortly after the events of Doom 3 in which the demons managed to make it to Earth. These screenshots, particularly the burning buildings, do look very much like something from Doom 2 so perhaps this really is Doom 4. However, if you consider that almost every game has some kind of destroyed city-scape environment then it could equally be images of Battlefield 4 really. This pictures, without any creatures, hellish imagery and the like are far from conclusive proof of Doom 4.

The interesting question, if they are screenshots of Doom 4, is what form they suggest Doom 4 will take. Doom 3 is a game that was simultaneously loved and hated. Those that loved it enjoyed the horror elements and intense, visceral gameplay. Those that hated it disliked how different it was to the original Doom games. These images seem to suggest that it will be somewhere between the two extremes, but it will be interesting to see how this could manage to play out.


While there does appear to be some strong similarities, overall the verdict is out. On one hand the images seem to have a type of realism not generally associated with the Doom series, the maps seeming like real locations in lay out rather than arcade areas.


Doom 4 Leaked Screenshots

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