Laptop Software Buyers Guide

Choosing the right software for a laptop purchase can be a difficult and confusing task, this guide will help to give some basic information about what to choose and why.

Laptop Software Buyers Guide: Operating System Software

The operating system is basically the software that every piece of hardware and all programs interact with in order to run. In a way, it organizes the system into something that is easily interacted with. The most common operating system is one version or another of Microsoft Windows, followed by Apple’s own operating systems that can only be found on Apple laptops and then some form of free Linux operating system.

Laptop Software Buyers Guide: Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows is essentially the standard operating system for most people because of its ease of use and its large collection of software compatibility. If you use an office computer chances are that it is running some form of Microsoft Windows. For the large majority of users, choosing some form of Microsoft Windows is the best option. If your laptop has under 2GB of ram, Windows XP is probably the better choice for performance. If the operating system as 2GB of ram or more, Windows Vista or preferably Windows 7 is the operating system choice. As a side note, many manufacturers now offer free upgrade to Windows 7 with purchase of a new laptop. If the laptop has over 2GB of ram, then a 64-bit version of Windows will probably be required to make use of all of it. If you are in doubt about which software to utilize, choose a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Laptop Software Buyers Guide: Apple OS X Operating System

Apple’s current operating system is Mac OS X, which is a pretty popular and impressive operating system. The issue with Mac, still, is that not all current programs have compatibility with them. For instance, if you intend to use your computer for games or for any kind of specialized software, choosing a Mac with a Mac operating system would be a mistake. For simple word processing or web browsing tasks, the Mac operating system is arguably the simplest and easiest to use.

Laptop Software Buyers Guide: Linux Operating System

Linux operating systems are almost always free, but they also have problems with compatibility issues with a lot of software and are significantly more technically difficult to use than general Windows. While companies like Dell are offering installs of Ubuntu Linux with their laptops now, it is not advisable to choose Linux over Windows when buying a laptop.

Laptop Software Buyers Guide: Office Software

For the overwhelming majority of people buying a laptop having appropriate office software is the most important feature. As such, making sure the office software on a laptop meets all their requirements is of great importance. Generally, most people will be requiring at least a word processor and subsequently some kind of office suite software. The main thing to check for here is that the office software has everything you need, which can sometimes be deceiving. For instance, Microsoft Works’ software does not have all the same features as Microsoft Office Premium. Microsoft Works does not have Excel, for instance. If you need very specific office software, such as excel, then it is important that you make sure the software package that comes with it has what you need.

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