Wireless Mouse Logitech V220 Review

The Logitech V220 Wireless Optical Mouse for laptops is basically a small mouse that is meant to be portable so it can be dragged along with a laptop instead of using the always-annoying touch pad.

Unbelievably, this specific model of mouse has lasted almost five years for me and still shows no signs of failing. A fantastic product.

Logitech V220 Wireless Mouse Review: Features and Specifications

  • USB Dongle, which can attach to a grove underneath the mouse
  • Optical Sensor
  • Scroll Wheel With Three Buttons
  • Single AA Battery Required
  • Small Form Factor
  • Suitable for Left Handers
  • Two Standard Mouse Buttons
  • Wireless and Cordless, with a range of over five metres

Logitech V220 Wireless Mouse Review: The Positives

The primary positive of the V220 wireless optical mouse is that it has some great portability options, with the USB dongle being able to slide into a grove under the mouth when the mouse needs to be moved all in one piece. Furthermore, the back of the mouse comes up with the push of a button underneath in order for batteries to be changed. Overall, the general design of the mouse is great and has a certain coolness factor to it.

Second positive is that the mouse works really well, with no problems whatsoever. The optical scanner is responsive, has no noticeable delay and also seems to have surprisingly good detail in its scanning so that it is useable for gaming. The software that comes with the mouse further adds to this functionality by allowing for multiple profiles that go into affect automatically with different software, so you can set very specific settings for each individual program or game. Basically, the mouse just works.

Logitech V220 Wireless Mouse Review: The Negatives

The first negative of the Logitech V220 is that it goes through battery power pretty quickly. Compared to other mouses, this really is no big deal as it is probably comparable when its use of only a single battery is taken into account. Basically, with heavy use, you can expect about a fortnight or so of use with a single AA battery. While this may not seem so bad, a little more time would be nicer truly.

The second negative is that some aspects of its construction are fairly flimsy and do not attach as perfectly as might be preferable. This causes the top aspect of the casing to move a little bit when pressure is applied, but it is near impossible to truly notice. The real issue here is that if you are in a hurry and apply too much pressure the mouse itself might potentially break. While this has not happened to me personally, it remains a possibility.

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