What to Look For In Wireless Internet Deals

What to look for in Wireless Internet deals explored to prevent traps or incurring extra costs. This guide gives a few simple tips to make sure you get the right wireless Internet deal for your needs.

The Contract

The first thing to examine whenever buying any Internet deal, but especially Wireless Internet deals, is the the nature of the contract. In the Australian context, the contracts are often quite long, even 24 months, and very expensive to get out of. Whenever a deal advertises itself as $0 start up fee and free hardware supplied, it means there is a contract involved that basically means you pay for it over time. Often, getting out of a contract means some variety of exit fee. No such thing as a free lunch it seems.

Data Limits

Does the Wireless Internet deal include any sort of data limit and how is that handled? A data limit is basically the amount of data that can be transferred before some kind of consequence. Generally there are two consequences that may occur: excess data usage fees or shaping. Excess data usage fees means that once you go over the data limit, for example by watching too many youtube videos, then a fee is charged. There are some deals around that charge per megabyte, which can result in huge penalty fees. The second option is shaping, which essentially means that once you go over the data limit the connection speed is lowered. This is the preferred option as it means you will never be charged unexpectedly.

Roaming Charges

This is one area where a lot of people get caught out. Specifically in the Australia context, or other places with low levels of reception, some ISPs charge extra for use of certain networks that have wider coverage. This means that if you are in a car with a laptop and the connection gets spotty, the modem may change the network it is on and begin charging more. Inquire about this before signing up for a deal


Take a look at the coverage map to make sure the areas you intend to use the Wireless Internet are covered and make sure to note that sometimes these systems report incorrectly. It may be wise to take a screen capture of the coverage map prior to purchase. Save the image or press the ‘Prnt Scrn’ key when viewing the map and save it somewhere on your computer in case the map changes while you are disputing.


If hardware is included, will it be suitable for your location? If you are deep within a building made of concrete, you may need a more powerful modem. Most modems tend to work well enough, but this is something to check quickly. Find out the modem name and model, and simply type it into Google to read some reviews.

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