Making A Color Transparent in Powerpoint

Making a specific color in an image transparent in PowerPoint could be a little more intuitive, but is possible. It is worth noting that sometimes an image seems to have a white background but actually has a few different grades of similar colors in which case this technique will not work. Regardless, the follow guide shows how to make a specific color in an image transparent.


1. Click on the image.

2. Click ‘Format’ on the menu bar.

3. Click Recolor.

4. Click ‘Set Transparent Color’

5. Place the picker on the image, in a section with the color you want to set as transparent and click.

6. Done, that color should be transparent!

Power Point Alpha Channel

Now the color you selected from the image should be transparent. It is worth noting that the tool is far from perfect so you may notice a strange pattern where only pixels of a certain color are made transparent.

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