Multiplayer Gamer Types

The personality types of gamers playing multiplayer games online discussed and how to defeat them explored! Which gamer type are you?

Cool Cat

Cool cat believes himself to be almost too cool to be playing video games. He or she will repeatedly remind all other players that they are social misfits or that they have no life. For how socially well adjusted they are, they sure manage to come across as insecure.


The professional optimizes everything related to the game. This player is concerned with kill/death ratios, points per minute, clicks per second. The whole act of playing a game is a professional tasked to be optimized for maximum efficiency. The only thing they seem to have forgotten is to have fun.


This is the player that deliberately team kills you, or plants C4 on a vital objective then passes the detonator to the other team. One of the most annoying players around, there is not much that can be done to stop the saboteur short of admin action or a successful kick vote.


The cliquer is a gamer that is part of a group that know each other outside the game. Usually a group of students, the cliquer simply is not really interested in anything outside the social experience of playing in that clique. Really makes you wonder why they bother.

Girl Gamer

The girl gamer is not just a female playing games, but demands attention as being a female gamer. She’ll bring up her femininity any chance she gets, reminding players that they just got beaten by a girl or that she needs to do her nails soon. This type of gamer is most often found in games that are specifically dominated by male players, such as first person shooters. What she wants above all else is attention.


The destroyer simply wants to blow things up and kill people. These types of players can most quickly be identified by screen names like ‘deathknight’ or ‘skullcrusher’ and their near complete inability to follow even the most rudimentary of tactics. They’ll quickly get bored by any game that does not at least have one murder or explosion per minute.


The programmer is someone with experience in Information Technology that enjoys the game in a way similar to Lego. They like building modifications, trying to figure out how the game works and enjoying the game’s visual design or gameplay mechanics. It is hard to really understand why you might want to annoy this type, but if you do simply being negative about even good features of a game usually works.


The tactician is the chess player of multiplayer games. The tactician wants an environment that has some aspect of realism to it so they can test out their real world strategies. Most often they will be found in strategy games like the Total War series, sometimes they will stray into First Person Shooter territory. The best way to annoy them is to simply exploit the unrealistic aspects of the game, such as jumping around randomly to avoid gun fire.

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