Must Have Drupal Modules

The must have, the best Drupal modules that you simply must utilize in order to get the most out of Drupal. For those new to Drupal, these are the modules that you should download and investigate first. While there are plenty of great modules that add many things to Drupal CMS, there are a few modules that are almost universally valuable. Herein, it is ‘those’ modules that will be listed.


Views is such as a useful module that I can hardly imagine a single drupal install that could not utilize it in some way. While the module still has a few issues to iron out, the potential it offers and its ease of use once you understand the basics makes Views THE must have drupal module and perhaps best single Drupal module available. If you are having doubts about the value of Views, I highly recommended you learn the basics of it just far enough that you understand its potential. You’ll use it once you do.


This module is a very simple module that simply automatically generates URL paths by using what is entered in the title field. Really, this module should have been a core part of Drupal as it is a pretty obvious need for most installs. The module is very simple, very efficient, easy to set-up and easy to use. It really is best to just get a copy of this for whatever version of Drupal you use and keep it ready for every Drupal install.


This module is required by Pathauto anyway, but as an individual module it is also invaluable. What it does is allow information to be called by reference tokens and thus easily accessed. For example, a reference Token may be [city] which, when utilized, will provide the name of the city a node referred to. It takes a little patience to understand how this works fully, but the benefit is that you can auto generate content very effectively.


CCK really just adds more options for the creation of content types and the settings on those content types. For instance, if you wanted to create a submission form for users, this is really the place to start building such. It does take a little bit of time to get to understand properly, but works ‘very’ well.

Google Analytics

Simple module that allows Google Analytics to be used on your site to track user information such as the search terms they used to get to your page, etc. While it is fairly easy to manually do this, a Google Analytics option should really have come with the core Drupal modules.

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