Mythology in Quest for Glory 4

Quest for Glory 4 is actually a pretty good adventure game set in a kind of dark fantasy setting. There are some great mythological elements that appear throughout the game, many taken from Russian folklore though some derived from more western influences such as Lovecraft.

Baba Yaga

Quest for Glory 4 Baba Yaga Spoiler

Baba Yaga is a character from Russian Folklore that rides about on a Mortar and Pestle and eats people, specifically children. However, while she is somewhat evil she is also the giver of wisdom and knowledge to the worthy. Her main fairy tale appearance is in the old Russian fairy tale ‘Vasilisa the Beautiful’.

In Quest for Glory 4, she possesses one of the rituals needed for the end game and also is able to cure curses. However, she demands various payments for these services. She also gives wisdom, revealing secrets about the games plot if the player asks the right questions.


Quest for Glory 4 Katrina

Vampires are a central feature of Quest for Glory 4′s plot, with both of the two main villains Katrina and Ad Avis being Vampires as well as the Inn  Keeper’s daughter Tanya being a Vampire for much of the game. It is also the intention of Katrina to turn the player character into a Vampire. In the lore of the setting if a person is turned into a Vampire it cannot attack its creator unless attacked first, which Ad Avis exploits later in the plot resulting in a mage battle Between him and Katrina.


Quest for Glory 4 Rusalka

The Rusalka is a spirit in Russian mythology resembling a Siren that lures men to their death. It is born from being murdered or pushed to suicide by a lover. The Rusalka in Quest for Glory 4 is a strange being in that it is nice and helpful to the player, despite being evil. It can be defeated by characters of the paladin class by destroying its lover and then kissing its undead form.



In Slavic Folklore, the Leshy is a wordland creature that protects animals and the forest. It often achieves its end through tricks rather than direct actions. In Quest for Glory 4 the Leshy is incredibly annoying and irritating, playing rhyming games and tricks on the player, though ultimately helping by warning against the faeries and giving clues in regards to plot progression.


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