Neverwinter Nights Graphics Mods

Neverwinter Nights is a great game, but it is really starting to show its age in regards to its graphics. Despite this, there are a number of great mods around that really improve the quality of Neverwinter Nights graphics. Herein, they will all be listed and links to download them will be provided. The main aim of this specific guide is to use mods that will work with any server or module, singleplayer and multiplayer.


The nwn shader, sometimes called nwn shader, is easily the best graphical improvement mod for Neverwinter Nights. Requiring no nwn.exe modification, working on every mod or server, it is a must have for anyone looking to improve the visuals of the game. Among its finest features is removal of the view limit of the game. In other words, with this mod fog no longer obscures the view and the player can see well off into the distance. Note the following images with fog present and removed:

Neverwinter Nights with fog Neverwinter nights with fog removed

The second image enables a far greater view of everything around, but it is worth adding that various placeables and characters are not included. In other words, if there was a person walking along those waterfalls they would likely not be visible.

The above example is showing only one feature of the many nwshader has, such as bloom and depth of field. While I personally struggled to get some working fully, the following shows many of them in action at once:

nwshader screenshot

In order to get nwnshader, download the ‘Chronepsis’ file and the ‘Patch0230.rar’ file from the following directory before following the included readme (Overall download size is less than 10mb):

Find nwshader Here

Hands Override

A very simple visual override that replaces the block, clenched hand models with more realistic ones. It looks a great deal better, is a small download, etc. Get it at IGN here:

Neverinter Nights Hand Models

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