Oblivion Retrospective – Will Skyrim be as Good?

With the release of Skyrim imminent the question arises as to whether it will live up to the hype of the Elder Scrolls series, such as Oblivion, or simply not be a particularly good game. However, personally, I am just using this as an excuse to reminisce about Oblivion and hope that Skyrim offers some of the great features that game did. As a warning, this article may contain spoilers for Oblivion, though I suspect if you are searching for Skyrim you already played Oblivion to death.

One of the really great things about Oblivion was that it offered so much content. There are minor side stories in Oblivion that could just about be entire games in their own right. When the entire fighter’s guild, mage’s guild, daedra, arena, thieves guild, dark brotherhood and main plot lines are put together the game is simply gigantic. Many of these quests are admittedly quite dull, but there are enough good ones to get past this. For my own part, I am particularly fond of the quests in which your character is sent into a strange area, such as someone’s dream or nightmare. To me, this is where the game truly shines. Add to this that the game as stealth elements, combat, magic, role playing and item construction all in one product, its almost hard to see how it could be matched which brings me to my point.

Skyrim has fantastic graphics and an overall quality that seems stunning, but this extra development time may come at the cost of the overwhelmingly large amount of content that existed in Oblivion. It was this very content that made oblivion great. Already with the skills and in game factions we see a certain level of simplification which is being blamed on consoles, but is probably more likely to be related to development time. It is hard for me to believe that Skyrim has a real chance at being as epic and large-scale as Oblivion; short of the online modding community making it happen.

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