oDesk Review

oDesk provides services for employers and employees to meet up and work together over the Internet. The employees mostly take the form of freelancers, although more permanent positions are offered from time to time. Herein, the positives and negatives of oDesk will be revealed.


  • Reputable and award-winning business
  • Free to use for providers (employees), oDesk makes money by charing 10% surcharge to buyers (employers)
  • Skill test system which enables application to different jobs as you learn more by yourself
  • Available for people in many countries
  • Allows establishment of own desired hourly rate
  • Easy to use

The major advantage of oDesk is that it is a very professional organization that takes its task seriously, creating a professional if perhaps a little difficult to use system for employees and employers. It is a particularly good place for those seeking people with Information Technology skills such as scripters, web designers and online article writers.


  • Allegations of being overly intrusive, though admittedly less monitoring than most jobs
  • Work diary feature requires extra effort on behalf of the employee
  • Huge amount of providers to compete with
  • Most of the work (75%) is hour based pay
  • The software takes snapshots of your desktop six times an hour to keep track of you
  • Requires some intrusive information, such as phone number and address
  • Many of the jobs have a technical leaning, such as IT skills or marketing
  • Can take some time to get set up and break into the market

The major disadvantage of oDesk is for employees and is basically the severe competition for any job. If you do not have a past record of work on oDesk, it can be difficult to get employed which is the stepping stone you need for further employment making that first job a pain to get. The second, but lesser, disadvantage is that the pay per hour system can be a little confusing and places pressure on people to get it righr the first time. While there are a few disaster stories floating about the Internet, most employees seem to be pretty serious.


Quite possibly the most reliable way of getting an online job but the system seems excessively intrusive and it can be difficult to get started. Much better for employers than employees.

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