Why Stargate Universe Was Cancelled

The primary reason Stargate Universe was cancelled is because its ratings were lowering. It really was a simple matter of mathematics in the end, the advertisements pay for the show and not enough people were being exposed to said advertisements to justify it. Stargate Universe Ratings Stargate Universe was steadily declining in viewers throughout the [...]

Stargate Universe Eli Wallace Character Analysis

Stargate Universe’s Eli Wallace, played by David Blue, is a young man with a brilliant mind but a lazy attitude. He is basically intended to serve as the entry way character for new viewers of the series as he is new to the Stargate governmental program. Stargate Universe Eli Wallace Character Analysis: Overview Stargate Universe’s [...]

Parkinson Meg Ryan Interview: Parkinson’s Worst Interview?

Michael Parkinson is perhaps the most renowned popular interviewer of the past twenty years, having even received an MBE for his television work. However, even someone as successful as Parkinson has made mistakes and had bad moments. One of these moments was his interview with Meg Ryan, which he labelled his worst interview and also [...]

Making A Color Transparent in Powerpoint

Power Point Transparency

Making a specific color in an image transparent in PowerPoint could be a little more intuitive, but is possible. It is worth noting that sometimes an image seems to have a white background but actually has a few different grades of similar colors in which case this technique will not work. Regardless, the follow guide [...]

How to Convert Mp4 to Mp3 Using VLC Media Player


This guide will illustrate how to convert Mp4 to Mp3 using VLC Media Player step-by-step. VLC Media Player’s conversion system is a little rough so requires a few tricks to get it working, but once you work out the gist of it VLC Media Player works very efficiently. Herein, how to get VLC Media Player [...]

How to Beat Cleverbot

The Cleverbot chat AI has recently become popular as one of the better chat bots on the web. This guide will teach you how to beat Cleverbot, and almost all Chat AIs. It also includes one of the best Cleverbot conversations ever. How to Beat Cleverbot by Forcing a Contradiction As with all chat bots, [...]

Why Does Google Hate Me?

Google Loves Search Terms in HTML File Names

‘Why does Google hate me?’ is a question often asked by web developers that find their sites poorly ranked or even completely unindexed by Google. This guide will attempt to make Google love you. Google Loves Text If you find yourself ranking highly in MSN or Yahoo but poorly in Google the most likely reason [...]

Creating a Good Study Environment: Setting Up a Home Studying Environment

Whether studying for school, college, university, trade or even for leisure, setting up an effective home study environment is crucial to enable effective learning. There are many ways in which an effective study environment can quite easily be created, some of which are obvious and some that are less so. Herein will be a guide [...]

Playing FLV Files in Winamp

Playing FLV files in Winamp is a useful way of accessing video files downloaded in the increasingly popular flash format, such as Youtube videos. As such, the difficult .flv format is becoming increasingly important for video players to access. Follow the steps below to get FLV files playing in Winamp. Playing FLV Files in Winamp: [...]

How to Use Wikipedia as an Academic Source

Referencing Wikipedia in an academic essay is generally seen as bad academic practice. However, there are methods and rules to utilizing Wikipedia that can significantly aid any academic research. Herein how to use wikipedia as an academic source will be revealed. Wikipedia as an Academic Source: What is Wrong With It? There are a few [...]

Study Tips: Improve Study Habits Through Organization

For many of us it can be difficult to improve study habits, particular if we have developed poor ones and become used to them. If you often find yourself in a situation where you are madly rushing to finish an assignment the day before it is due or to study a textbook before a test, [...]

Generation Y Workplace The Generation Y Workforce

Gen Y in the Workplace With increasingly aged populations and the recent economic recession the focus on the state of the workforce has moved onto the upcoming Generation Y. This focus has included common and often times unsubstantiated allegations of Generation Y laziness and lack of loyalty, but rarely is any evidence beyond anecdotal evidence [...]

The Mist Song at the End

Answer: Host Of The Seraphim by Dead Can Dance The song that plays at the end of The Mist is the Host Of The Seraphim by the Australian duo Dead Can Dance and found on their album The Serpent’s Egg. The vocalist is Lisa Gerrard, most famous for her vocals from the film soundtrack to [...]

What is the Song Les Grossman Dances to Tropic Thunder?

What is the song Les Grossman Dances to in Tropic Thunder? Get Back by Ludacris is the song Les Grossman dances to in Tropic thunder and during the credits. He also danced to it at the MTV Movie Awards. The song can be found on Ludacris’ The Red Light Distrct albulm. It is also available [...]

Why do People Only Care About Themselves?

‘Why do people only care about themselves?’ is a common question asked on sites such as Yahoo Answers. Herein I will attempt to explore the question in detail so as to provide some answers. The Answer you Want: Because everyone is trash for ruining whatever plans you had, but you are different so have a [...]

Silent Hill 2 Holes Meanings


Anywhere in the video game Silent Hill 2 that there is a hole, it makes a subtle gesture towards the feminine and subsequently James Sunderland’s wife Mary. The game itself is literally littered with holes of various kinds, from the hole that James puts his hand in early in the game, to the toilet that [...]

How To Trick iGod

This guide explores how to trick iGod. iGod is a chat artificial intelligence based on the ALICE bot that is meant to imitate speaking to god. The idea is that you can imitate speaking to god and it will respond accordingly. Overall, the bot is pretty good but gives too many vague answers. As with [...]

Esoteric Articles Youtube Video List

A list of all the Esoteric Articles Youtube videos from newest to oldest. How to Convert MP4 to MP3 This video shows how to convert MP4 to MP3 using the free VLC Media Player. Text version: How to Convert MP4 to MP3 Using VLC Media Player SEO Quick Reference Guide This guide is a very [...]

What is Esoteric Articles

Esoteric Articles is a listing of articles designed to explore topics in more depth than most websites. This may mean attempting some variety of analysis of a movie, or game, that borders too far on the theoretical for Wikipedia. It may also mean simply a ‘how to’ guide for a particularly dated game. Games Section [...]

Neverwinter Nights Graphics Mods

Neverwinter Nights with Fog

Neverwinter Nights is a great game, but it is really starting to show its age in regards to its graphics. Despite this, there are a number of great mods around that really improve the quality of Neverwinter Nights graphics. Herein, they will all be listed and links to download them will be provided. The main [...]