SEO No Follow Tags

This guide illustrates the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of No Follow Tags as well as how the no follow attribute is applied to links. The truth of the matter is that the exact value of using no follow tags to link to certain pages is unknown. One way of viewing SEO is to view pages [...]

The Validity of Racism as a Concept – Is Racism Right?

The recent US elections, with the election of Barack Obama, have pushed the topic of race to the forefront of public attention, but few have attempted to truly ask the important question at the heart of the issue: is racism right? Does the idea that some races are superior, or at least different, to each [...]

How to Understand Philosophy

Understanding philosophy can be difficult for a whole variety of reasons. Often the concepts themselves are already hard to understand, the writing style is a little dated and the context in which the author is writing is foreign to us. This guide is intended to help people learn how to understand philosophy. Slow Down The [...]

Silent Hill 3 Mirror Room Analysis

The Silent Hill 3 hospital room scene with the mirror is often held as the games best horror scene. Herein, just why the scene is so effective and also the meaning behind it will be revealed. Silent Hill 3 Mirror Room Effectiveness The primary reason the mirror room is effective is because it allows the [...]

Final Fantasy 8 Ending Analysis

The ending of Final Fantasy 8 was touted as a great example of graphics in a video game, but few attempts to truly understand just what it was about. This was largely because the ending was extremely abstract, with something of a timeline montage basically representing the compression of time. Final Fantasy 8 Ending: Squall [...]

Final Fantasy 10 Tidus Analysis


The character Tidus from Final Fantasy X received some fairly unfavourable responses from fans of the Final Fantasy series. Herein, the character Tidus will be examined. Of course, this article contains spoilers. Final Fantasy 10 Tidus Analysis: General Characteristics Tidus is strongly extraverted and has a bubbly personality, particularly for a male. He wears a [...]

Silent Hill 2 Endings Analysis

The endings of Silent Hill 2 discussed, focusing on the serious endings rather than the bonus endings. The idea is that the endings will be explored focusing on their plot and the significance of them, rather than a guide on how to get them. Silent Hill 2 In Water Ending The ‘In Water’ ending is [...]

Vagrant Story Ashley Riot Analysis

Vagrant Story’s Ashley Riot is an interesting protagonist as he does not seem to have a particular ideological perspective informing his actions. This is interesting for the simple reason that the story takes into account that it is a video game and Ashley is partially under the control of the story tellers, ala the developers, [...]

Vagrant Story Guildenstern Analysis

Guildenstern shows his command of the dark

Vagrant Story’s Guildenstern remains one of the more interesting and believable characters in a video game due to his ideology based perspective. Guildenstern’s General Characteristics Romeo Guildenstern has a mixed set of characteristics, some he shows those around him and others he keeps very much to himself. To others, he gives the appearance of a [...]

Silent Hill 3 Mannequin Room Analysis

Mannequin Room

The Silent Hill 3 mannequin room scene wherein Heather walks past a mannequin, one of the few that has a head, and when the mannequin falls out of view it is decapitated with a pool of blood at the floor is often touted as one of the games great scenes. Silent Hill 3 Mannequin Room [...]

Morality Without Religion: Can Morality Exist Without Religion

The manner in which human beings can develop morals without religion is often the cause of heated debates and arguments. Whether morality can exist at all without religion is the core of the issue, with religious groups often using the argument to attack secular groups and institutions. Herein, the question will be discussed fairly and [...]

The Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes

There have been a plethora of great video game musical themes and making this list was very difficult. Herein, the top five pieces of video game music are listed. The Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes: 1. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Epilogue The epilogue to Harry Gregson-Williams’ score to Metal Gear Solid 3 [...]

Expensive Wedding Rings: A Repulsive Premise?

Expensive wedding rings are intended as a sign of love and union between a couple and serve as the symbolic sign that a man or woman has entered such a union. However, is this a good thing? Are there any moral problems with the manner in which the wedding ring is used as a symbol [...]

The Matrix Agent Smith Analysis: The Agent Smith Virus

Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith is the iconic and primary antagonist of The Matrix trilogy. Despite this, attempts to analyse just what he represents remain relatively scarce. Herein, just what Agent Smith represents across the three Matrix movies will be explored. What Does Agent Smith Really Represent? Agent Smith represents the antithesis of Neo throughout the [...]

Silent Hill 1 Themes Analysis

Silent Hill Seal of Metatron

The video game Silent Hill 1 has a collection of themes that served to make it a surprising horror hit for the Playstation 1 and resulted in the game earning a cult following. This article will contain spoilers. Silent Hill 1 Themes Silent Hill 1: Parenting The primary theme of Silent Hill 1 is the [...]

Vagrant Story Analysis

Vagrant Story is a game that deserved much more mainstream success than it received. The reason for this is most probably the fact it was released on the Playstation towards the very end of its life, as well as because the game had no previously established brand associated with it. Despite this, the game has [...]

Final Fantasy Series Analysis

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most successful series of video games ever created. The reason for the success of the Final Fantasy series of roleplaying games is a focus on plot and storytelling rather than gameplay and mechanics. Final Fantasy Series Overview The Final Fantasy series is one of the most successful [...]

Final Fantasy 8 Themes Analysis

The themes of Final Fantasy 8 explored and its plot analyzed focusing on meanings that may have been overlooked by the bulk of the player base. This analysis focuses most heavily on how the theme of love permeates throughout the game. Final Fantasy 8 Themes Love The core theme of Final Fantasy 8 is, of [...]

Silent Hill Series Analysis

The Silent Hill series of horror games has a strong cult following due to its complex psychological themes and wonderful art design. Herein, the series will be explored with links to more specific explorations of each game. Silent Hill Series Overview The Silent Hill series is more than a survival horror video game series, it [...]

Silent Hill 2 Monsters Analysis

The monsters in Silent Hill 2 have a very specific origin, namely James Sunderland’s subconscious. Thus, understanding the monsters is more about understanding James Sunderland than the monsters individually. The main thing to understand is that James murdered his wife, Mary, because he was angry with her for stealing his vision of what the future [...]