Dr. Nicholas Rush Analysis – Stargate Universe

Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) is Stargate Universe’s lead intellectual and serves somewhat as the series antagonist as well as protagonist, with the series refusing to reveal more about his motivations and intentions. It is his tendency to make purely logical decisions alongside his unknown objectives that allows Rush to go from being the protagonist [...]

Website Of The Day (December 2009)

The best, funniest, most useful or interesting websites listed below. Website Of The Day: Google Adwords Keyword Tool (December 31) For people writing articles online, looking to create a website, seeking to advertise online or seeking to display advertisements, Google Adwords Keyword Tool is an indispensable website that allows people to see the cost of [...]

Playing FLV Files in Windows Media Player

Playing FLV files in Windows Media Player is becoming more important as it is the format videos such as Youtube videos are stored in. As a result, this guide can also be seen as a guide on how to play YouTube videos in Windows Media Player. For those that do not have time to read [...]

Paranormal Activity Movie Analysis

Paranormal Activity is one of the success stories of the year, a horror movie with a small budget making millions due to its extremely tense atmosphere. While a lot has been said of the movie, little has been said of the meanings behind some of the events. Paranormal Activity Movie Analysis: Devil’s Hour It is [...]

Alien Quadrilogy Box Set Review

Alien Quadrilogy Box Set Review: Disc 1 – Alien Film The original Alien film is a masterpiece of science fiction horror and a must see film for any who spend even the slightest amount of time watching movies. This DVD contains both the original 1979 theater version and a 2003 director’s cut. The original theatrical [...]

Silent Hill 3 Themes Analysis

Silent Hill 3 themes analyzed by examining various aspects of them and their underlying meanings. It should be noted that this section contains spoilers so for those out there intending on playing the game it would be advised against. Furthermore, many of these observations are my own and do not necessarily reflect the creator’s conscious [...]

Silent Hill 3 Monsters Analysis

Silent Hill 3 Closer

The monsters of Silent Hill 3 and their meanings explored in detail, with a focus on their significance to the plot. Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Closer The closer has strong phallic properties in that it has two particular long and protruding arms that it uses to attack. It vaguely resembles a human, but describing it [...]

Creating a Revenue Sharing Site

Creating a revenue sharing site is a fairly difficult task overall, particularly if you have a small time or are doing it as an individual. This guide explores some basic issues with creating such a site and just how they may be solved. Traffic The first and fundamental difficulty in creating a revenue sharing site [...]

The Most Controversial Quotes of All Time

The most controversial quotes of all time listed. Including feminist, political, celebrity and misogynistic quotes. Read through some of these great discussion points and talk about them with your friends. Force always attracts men of low morality. – Albert Einstein If a man is proud of his wealth, he should not be praised until it [...]

How To Trick Cleverbot

People greatly enjoy attempting to trick Cleverbot, so this guide on how to trick Cleverbot was created. Cleverbot, the newest in the line of AI chat programs, has become a new Internet trend lately due to its interesting and oftentimes funny responses. Interestingly, Cleverbot is a learning AI so learns from others conversing with it. [...]