Google Panda: Domain Names Are Now Very Important

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Google’s Panda update was a major shake up that resulted in backlinks being greatly devalued in importance and as a result other factors, such as domain names, becoming dramatically more important. Herein why domain names are now very important for SEO and the negative consequences of that will be given. Why Backlinks Are Not Important [...]

The Death of Backlinks

Google’s Panda killed the value of backlinks, which is very unfortunate as a great deal of content. While it may be for the best overall, hopefully, here are some of the ways lowering the value of backlinks has hurt online content and communities. WordPress Themes One of the great things about the previous value of [...]

Content Aggregation Earns More Money than Content

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Content aggregation earns more money than producting content. Sites that aggregate content, such as Rotten Tomatoes and even Google, tend to earn more than the content they aggregate. This is a grave situation for while it is true that organizations like Google which make information readily accessible deserve to earn money based on that service, [...]

How to Solve Punkbuster Problems


There are two main ways to solve the most regular problems with Punkbuster: updating punkbuster manually and checking to make sure your Firewall is not blocking it. Manually Updating Punkbuster One of the problems that generally occurs with punkbuster is that, for whatever reason, it is unable to update fast enough automatically. When you are [...]

How to Analyze an Advertisement

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This guide will show you how to analyze an advertisement by explaining in detail how ads work. While advertising as a field includes a lot of subtlety, it basically all boils down to appealing to people. Whenever a product is being advertised it is an appeal to people. People are rarely clear-minded logicians, but rather [...]

Social Media and Ownership: Who Owns the Data of our Lives?

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Social Media has raised a troubling question: who owns the data of our lives? One of the major problems with the rise of Social Media is that the data that largely defines our lives is in the hands of corporations who have as their primary aim to make money. No matter how well intentioned companies [...]

Why Jim Halpert Comes Across as a Jerk

Jim Halpert, lead character and protagonist in the incredibly popular US sitcom series The Office, is viewed by quite a large part of the fanbase as something of a bully and a jerk. While people are clear that they view him in this way, their expressions for just why they hold this view lack the [...]

Games That Have Large Female Fanbases

Female gamers have become an increasingly common occurence, though the distribution of female gamers tends towards specific games and types of games. Here are some games that have large female fan-bases with explanations as to why they seem to have appealed to them. The Sims It should come as little surprise that The Sims has a large [...]

How Skype Can Grow to Become a True Giant

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Skype could be one of the biggest, undoubtedly this thought is what led Microsoft to purchase it. Herein, the ways in which Microsoft’s Skype can continue to grow and grow will be shown. Further Integration With Social Media This basically means better integration with Facebook, but Myspace is also included. Microsoft has already integrated quite [...]

Online Dating is a Waste of Time

Online dating is an intereting concept as it offers the potential to meet a very large selection of people, but has serious problems with it. Herein, some of the reasons online dating is a waste of time for the vast majority of people attempting it will be given. State of Mind The problem with online [...]

Interviews with Sports Stars are Awful

Interviews with sports stars after events are absolutely awful. For many, the sporting events themselves are rivoting and it seems that there would be much that the participates in it could or even should say to interviewers. Yet, after every sporting event the athletes say nothing of interest whatsoever. They do comment on their performance, [...]

The Good Wife, Feminism and Why it is Important

The Good Wife

There are plenty of shows that portray women in positions of power and as intelligent, capable human beings. It is definitely the case that the portrayals of women have come a long way, no doubt in large part due to the feminist movement. However, the portrayal of women as INTERESTING characters in and of themselves is [...]

Why NCIS is so Popular

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Why NCIS is so popular explained, or at least an attempt at an explanation. To say the original series of NCIS is popular is something of a grand understatement. It started with strong viewing figures in the millions and has since risen to be a regular on the top 5 viewed shows on Television as [...]

NCIS is a Conservative Show

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NCIS is a conservative show. There is little doubt that the writers behind NCIS the show are largely conservative, though to be fair they do not overdo it. Here is a list of ways in which the TV series NCIS is conservative. Political Commentary One specific scene stands out. The episode where Gibbs had lost [...]

Psychologically Dynamic Gaming

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A new trend has begun to emerge in gaming: psychologically dynamic gaming. What this means is that a game dynamically alters or changes its content in some way to better suit the player. The only two games that seem to have really attempted this thus far are from the Silent Hill series, primarily Silent Hill [...]

Kotaku’s Unfair Response to Konami’s Offer

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Kotaku has mocked Konami’s alternative offer after they revealed they are not going to release a patch for Silent Hill HD on the Xbox360. Konami’s alternative offer is a choice of games provided you have your receipt for the game and purchased it before the 8th of August. Overall, Konami’s offer is actually quite a [...]

Top 7 Funniest Elderly Characters on TV

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There have been some great elderly comedy characters on television. Here is a simple list of the 7 funniest elderly characters. Marie Barone Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond is the obvious choice for first. She is the master of the subtle insult and back-handed compliment, never directly expressing her contempt in a way that would [...]

How to Speed Up Internet On Slow Connections

Simple guide on how to speed up internet on slow connections. Sometimes, be it because you have exceeded your download quota or because of how you are accessing the Internet, you are forced to use a slow connection which can simply be unbearable. This is a very simple guide that shows a few tricks I have [...]

Crime Shows Analysis

An in-depth analysis of the various crime shows on TV such as Law and Order, NCIS and CSI focusing on just why people like crime shows. Earlier today I bought a somewhat late dinner for myself and came home to eat it. I turned the television on, which was set to National Geographic channel where [...]

Are Video Games Too Violent?

Mass Effect Miranda Gun

The violence in video games debate seems destined to continue into the unforeseen future, but there is another question that is often overlooked: are video games too violent from an artistic perspective? Regardless of whether violence in games in some way translates to violence in reality, or is a reflection of it, it may well [...]