Silent Hill HD Collection Patch Cancelled for Xbox

Silent Hill HD Collection Comparison

The patch to address technical issues for Silent Hill HD Collection has been cancelled for Xbox versions of the game. This is sure to be a major disappointment to fans of the games who were hoping for a good, HD versions of two of the more popular games in the Silent Hill series. Problems with [...]

How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

Google Logo

How to stay on Google’s good side as a publisher, advertiser or just in a general sense shown with examples. While Google is by no means a perfect, moral organization it does try to do the right thing. This means that Google will often try to do ‘good’ by people even if they are not [...]

Doomsday Preppers Review

Doomsday Preppers Gun Misfire

Doomsday Preppers is quite a great show, though there are some schizophrenic design choices which aim to make the show appealing to viewers who agree with prepping for Doomsday and those that think it is crazy, but also undermine the weight of the show. Herein, Doomsday Preppers will be reviewed in detail with attention paid [...]

Problems with Self Publishing

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The problems with self publishing explored in detail. The rise of self publishing has been something of an inevitability with the rise of ereaders, but this rise has brought some more specific problems to the publishing industry. Herein, some of the problems with self publishing will be discussed. Lack of Regulation While traditional publishing models [...]

Why Gmail is Better than Hotmail

Hotmail Logo

Gmail is simply a better free service for E-mail than Hotmail is. Here is a simple list of reasons why Gmail is the better service, with clear arguments given in its favor. In the early part of the 2000s it would have been difficult to conceive that Hotmail would be replaced in popularity by Gmail. [...]

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Characters

Silent Hill Revelationd 3D Heather Mason

The characters of Silent Hill Revelation 3D. A listing of the various characters from the film Silent Hill Revelation 3D, based upon characters from the video game Silent Hill 3. There are some differences between the characters in Silent Hill 3 and Revelation 3D, but overall they are relatively similar. It is worth noting that [...]

Laptop Software Buyers Guide

Choosing the right software for a laptop purchase can be a difficult and confusing task, this guide will help to give some basic information about what to choose and why. Laptop Software Buyers Guide: Operating System Software The operating system is basically the software that every piece of hardware and all programs interact with in [...]

Laptop Hardware Buyers Guide


Laptop Hardware Buyers Guide: Before Starting Before starting to even look at laptops and their components a good practice is to write down a list of all the things you need a laptop to be able to do performance wise. What this ultimately ensures is that you buy a laptop that has all the hardware [...]

Why Silent Hill Has Gone Downhill

Silent Hill Creepers Sewer

Precisely when the Silent Hill series started to go downhill seems to be associated roughly with the disbanding of the original development team, but the reasons newer teams have failed to create games as good as the earlier ones in the series is a much more difficult matter to discern. The intention of this article [...]

Corruption in Online Business Practices

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The rise of the Internet has brought with it major opportunities for business online, but it has also brought new ways for people willing to bend and break rules and codes of ethics to unfairly succeed. The law has simply not yet caught up to some of the many problems. Herein are some examples of [...]

Royal Pains Review

Royal Pains

Royal Pains is one of the stranger series to hit television in recent years primarily on account of how amazingly dry it is. The series is about a doctor who is fired for deciding to save the lives of two poor patients rather than one wealthy patient, who just so happened to be a sponsor [...]

List of Free Computer Software

Firefox Logo

This list of free computer software is designed to help you get a full suite of software completely free. From Operating System to Office, Internet and Image editing software this guide will detail as much great, free editing software around. Best of all the software is all completely legal, none of these downloads are illegal. [...]

The New Digg is Terrible

Digg Logo

Digg has been updated as of August 1, and the new Digg is simply terrible. There were a lot of directions that Digg might have taken as part of its revival, presumably a direction inspired somewhat by Reddit. However, Betaworks (the new owners of Digg) have gone in precisely the wrong direction. Here are some [...]

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Monsters

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Nurse

The monsters of Silent HillĀ RevelationĀ 3d. This is a detailed listing of the monsters in the upcoming Silent Hill Revelation 3D, based on the video game Silent Hill 3. The following is speculation but may contain spoilers. Mannequin Spider This monster appears to be completely new for the movie and not really related to anything specific [...]

Sites Like Cleverbot

Cleverbot Logo

List of sites like Cleverbot that you can access to talk to various chat bots. There are actually quite a few similar sites to Cleverbot around and listing every single one is a big ask, but I’ll give it a shot. Jabberwacky Jabberwacky seems to be made by the same people who created Cleverbot, or [...]

Google’s New Search Results Layout

Google's New Search Results Layout

Google has updated its search results page layout to a new one as of 26 July 2012, with an interesting change but one that also has a few problems. The change involves content being delivered directly by Google alongside search results, so that if a name such as “Roger Ebert” is searched for basic details [...]

DARPA’s Awesome Technology

darpa holographic display

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has some simply incredible technology that truly seems taken directly from the pages of Science Fiction. Herein, some of this technology is explored and shown. Holographic Sandtable Display Not only have DARPA created a holographic display system that works very effectively in a non-gimmicky way, but it is interactive. [...]

Sites Similar to This Is Why I’m Broke

cool you can buy screenshot

Sites similar to This Is Why I’m Broke listed here. This Is Why I’m Broke is a popular website that links to interesting and kitschy products such as iPhone-shaped notepads. Basically, the sites in this list display a range of gimmick products. Click on the titles to go and check some of them out, many [...]

Things You Missed in The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Joker Burning Money

Subtle things you missed in The Dark Knight. Take a second look at some of the scenes from the movie to catch some great things you may have missed. Everything Burns In the scene where the Joker sets fire to the money you will notice that Lau is placed on top of the pile of [...]

Human Alpha Male: Myth or Fact?

Alpha male is a term often used by various sites online discussing what women want in men. The argument is that like animals have a dominant male of a group that gets the most chances to mate, human alpha males also do. However, does the human alpha male exist or is it a myth? Human [...]