Free Backlinks Sites List

Ultimate free backlinks sites list. A list of sites and sources that provide free backlinks to your website and a quick guide on how to use them. I will not list any sites that can give you backlinks if you comment as then it may result in that site being spammed, ruining it. This guide [...]

Mathematics as a Plot Device in Media

A Beautiful Mind Maths

Mathematics as a plot device in various media such as film and television can be a very effective device, specifically for establishing the intelligence of a character. Herein the use of maths as a plot device in media will be explored. Mathematics as Example of Intelligence The great advantage of using mathematics as an example [...]

Bill Bot Review

Bill Bot is a new chat bot very much like Cleverbot, but just starting out. As a result it lacks the kind of knowledge that Cleverbot has and so makes very silly errors. However, in contrast to Cleverbot Bill Bot can be directly taught by users by typing “Wrong its Really?” and then what Bill [...]

Mythology in Quest for Glory 4

Quest for Glory 4 Katrina

Quest for Glory 4 is actually a pretty good adventure game set in a kind of dark fantasy setting. There are some great mythological elements that appear throughout the game, many taken from Russian folklore though some derived from more western influences such as Lovecraft. Baba Yaga Baba Yaga is a character from Russian Folklore [...]

Dark Knight Rises Bane Preview

Dark Knight Rises Bane Catches Batman's Punch

Character preview of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, with speculation as to his motives and plans. Motive Bane’s motive appears to be to right an injustice caused by Gotham city, most likely related to political influence on his home nation. However, Bane’s idea of righting an injustice is delivering judgement and punishment upon the [...]

Prometheus Analysis

Prometheus David

There are a quite a few great themes running through the plot of Prometheus in need of analysis. While the movie has received some strong and unfair reactions about the portrayal of science, overall it attempts to do many interesting things through the course of the plot. Unfortunately, many of these points went overlooked by [...]

Google Search Easter Eggs

Google Do A Barrel Roll Screenshot

Type these search terms into Google to see some Easter Eggs Google has included into their search system. Easter Eggs are basically just hidden gimmicks in a piece of software that you can access by doing a very specific action. Google has included some amusing Easter Eggs that make fun of and play around with [...]

Cleverbot Quotes From Forums

Cleverbot quotes from the forum that I am moving here because I am getting rid of the forum. There are some of the quotes posted by users that I did not wish to delete. Feel free to add your own quotes in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Here is one I [...]

The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshots with Commentary

The Elder Scrolls Online Daggerfall Covenant

The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe and being developed by ZeniMax. Here are the first screenshots of The Elder Scrolls Online with commentary to explain what the images are showing. Races of the Daggerfall Covenant This screenshot shows the three races of the Daggerfall Covenant together. On [...]

The Elder Scrolls Online Features

The Elder Scrolls Online Ayleid Ruins

The general features that will be appearing in The Elder Scrolls Online MMO to be released in 2013. Three Playable Factions The game will feature three playable factions that players may join, each of which contains three different game races and have a general theme associated with them. Aldmeri Dominion – Conquest and group-focused Races: [...]

The Problems with The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Ayleid Ruins

The  problems with the Elder Scrolls MMO discussed with why it has received a lukewarm response from fans of the series shown. Atmosphere What really made the Elder Scrolls games great was atmosphere. Simply having the option to go around and explore a well realized world. The sheer depth of the worlds made the games. [...]

Reduce WordPress CPU and Memory Usage Easily

CPanel Advanced Cron

Easy guide to reducing WordPress CPU usage that is particularly useful for shared hosting. WordPress is  great publishing platform, but is seriously lacking when it comes to optimizing performance. To fix the bulk of performance issues associated with WordPress you need to solve two fundamental issues. The first is that for every page loading WordPress [...]

Why Prometheus Will Be a Good Film

Prometheus Alien

the release date for Prometheus, the latest in the Alien series and a prequel to the first Alien film, is just around the corner and promises to be a major event. Trailers provoked a lot of positive enthusiasm for the film and it looks set to be a bigger box office hit than expected. Ridley [...]

Crowdsourcing Information is Bad

Yahoo Answers Wrong

The rise of the Internet has brought with it the rise of crowdsourcing information, the practice of general people generating knowledge from their homes. Previously information resources were more likely to be appraised and sorted by word-of-mouth or information professionals such as librarians and educators. However, with the mixture of Google’s popularity-based sorting algorithms and [...]

Problems With Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill Downpour Shadow Boxer

Silent Hill: Downpour seemed quite promising, but there are some serious problems with the game that prevented it from being more than it might have been. Herein I will explore some of the issues that prevented Downpour from being as good as the earlier Silent Hill Games by discussing how they might have been avoided. [...]


Cleverbot Logo 2

Talk to Cleverbot and add your own Cleverbot quotes here. One of the great features of the Cleverbot chat bot is that you can embed it into your own website as I have done below. This is the ultimate Cleverbot fan page, where you can talk to Cleverbot and add your own quotes. Talk to [...]

The language of Celebrity Gossip

The language of celebrity gossip is very clever in that it enables journalists in the field to make claims without being the ones that officially be doing so. This enables them to create content that is based on very little evidence, if any evidence, and to subsequently make money doing so. In this article the [...]

Five Lessons Learned From Creating a Drupal Site

The five lessons I personally learned from creating a major site using Drupal. Drupal can be a wonderful system for creating websites, but it can also be a gigantic pain to use. Here are the lessons I learned from creating a Drupal site. Nothing is Ever Easy Very few of the modules in Drupal are [...]

Doom 3 Monsters Analysis

Imp Demon

Analysis of the Monsters of Doom 3 including screenshots and discussion. The creatures of Doom 3. It is worth noting that some of the imagery in Doom 3 has quite strong horror elements and that these article does contain spoilers. Imp The imp is the second variety of creature to appear in the game, just [...]

Is This Doom 4?

Alleged screenshots of Doom 4 compared to visuals from earlier games such as Doom 2. Are these screenshots legitimate images of Doom 4? Recently the website All Games Beta posted a series of screenshots which it claims are images from Doom 4. Herein I will compare them to earlier visuals from the series in the [...]