Creating Good 125 x 125 Advertisements

How to create a good 125 x 125 advertisement to drive traffic to your website. With the increasingly growing BuySellAds network the 125 x 125 pixel advertisement format is growing increasingly popular. However, as the format is quite small it can potentially mean that your advertisement will simply not be noticed. This guide will show [...]

Criminal Intent is the Best Law and Order

Criminal intent is the best of the Law and Order series due to the way that it presents its mysteries as being psychological and motive based. The entire Law and Order collection was and remains a popular staple of prime time television, largely due to its fantastic production values. As a result of this there [...]

Does Authorship Markup Increase Clicks?

Google allows the linking of a +1 account with web content, which means that basic author information including a picture shows up in search results. The real question for webmasters, though, is whether or not this actually ends up helping the click-through rate on your content. In theory, having a picture should increase click-through rate [...]

Doom 3 Analysis

An in-depth analysis of Doom 3 that focuses on explaining why it was such a visceral horror game. Doom 3 was praised heavily for its fantastic visuals and graphics, but little focus was given on just why it was such a successful horror game in terms of getting under the skin of players. This article [...]

Managing Trouble Makers in Online Communities

One of the difficulties in managing an online community is dealing with trouble-makers and trolls without hurting or completely ruining the overall community. To add further to this, many good, contributing members may also be inclined towards problematic behaviour towards other’s in the community. As an administrator, moderator or webmaster it can be very difficult [...]

Things to Know Before Using Drupal

Drupal can be a fantastic content management system (CMS) for people looking to create a website, but there are still some important things to understand before deciding to go with Drupal. Herein, I will list the important things to understand about Drupal before using it as your chosen CMS. Some of the things I am [...]

Location CCK Views Fix

Simple and easy Location CCK Views Fix with no coding required. This fix is designed for the problem that arises when attempting to use Location data from Location CCK fields in views. The location CCK views module offers some great potential, but one of the major drawbacks is the issues it has with Views. Basically, [...]

Cleverbot Analysis

Detailed analysis of the Cleverbot chat AI including quotes, analysis of how it works and discussion. Add your own Cleverbot quotes at the bottom of the page, learn how to trick Cleverbot and explore how the chat AI functions and works with this series of articles. Overview Cleverbot is an artificial chat agent, sometimes called [...]

Revenue Sharing Sites List

The ultimate list of revenue sharing sites which includes as many sites as possible that contain some kind of revenue sharing system or another. Revenue sharing is when part of the revenues a site receives, either through memberships or more usually through advertising, is passed on to users in some way, usually after they submit [...]

Must Have Drupal Modules

The must have, the best Drupal modules that you simply must utilize in order to get the most out of Drupal. For those new to Drupal, these are the modules that you should download and investigate first. While there are plenty of great modules that add many things to Drupal CMS, there are a few [...]

The Problems with Drupal

Drupal, a web Content Management System (CMS), has a lot of potential to make complex web development tasks simple. However, there are a number of problems that still persist that really do need to be fixed in order for the system to be a truly great solution to many web development problems. Herein, the problems [...]

SOPA and the Inconvenient Copyright Truth

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is the current issue at the forefront of technology and internet enthusiasts due to the risks it presents to the online industry. However, many of the views presented are, to say the least, lacking in balance. Herein, I will discuss the SOPA issue as well as the serious problem of [...]

2011 Recap

2011 is over, and it has been an interesting year for Esoteric Articles as a site. Overall, the site’s popularity has risen multiplied by roughly ten since early January. Not a stunning result, but still a respectable climb. Herein, the positives and negatives of 2011 for Esoteric Articles as a site will be discussed. Positives [...]

Karl Pilkington Analysis

Karl Pilkington has skyrocketed in popularity over the last five years due to a series of XFM radio shows, podcasts and the popularity of the ‘An Idiot Abroad’ Television series. Herein, Karl Pilkington will be discussed. Karl Pilkington Quotes: On cooking: “My girlfriend came in and went mental when she saw that I had sausages [...]

Oblivion Retrospective – Will Skyrim be as Good?

With the release of Skyrim imminent the question arises as to whether it will live up to the hype of the Elder Scrolls series, such as Oblivion, or simply not be a particularly good game. However, personally, I am just using this as an excuse to reminisce about Oblivion and hope that Skyrim offers some [...]

Why Battlefield 3 Has Such A Low Amazon Rating

Battlefield 3 is one of the break out video games of 2011, yet has an amazingly low review on Amazon with an average rating of two stars out of five at the time of writing. This remains the case despite the fact that reviewers have given the game relatively positive reviews. Herein the reasons for [...]

Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 2

cockpit view from a jet on caspian border

Battlefield 3 has hit the multiplayer shooter world with something of a bang. Now that it is out and the advertising hype has worn off a little, the question of whether it is a better game than Battlefield 2 arises. I will give my thoughts on Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 2, aiming for a somewhat [...]

Starcraft Lore Analysis

starcraft marine

A Starcraft analysis that analyses the themes of the game seems almost absurd, but in actuality there are some very interesting ideas behind the lore of the Starcraft universe. In fact, it is probably the most underrated lore of any setting due to the way it is presented through a Real-Time Strategy game. Herein, the [...]

Telstra is Evil

Telstra is evil: examples of Telstra’s unethical and outright evil behavior. Telstra, or ‘Hellstra’, is Australia’s primary telecommunication company that has something of a monopoly over the telecommunications infrastructure. It includes the Telstra Bigpond ISP network as a part of the overall company. Herein I will give examples of Telstra’s unethical behavior. Misleading Behaviour One [...]

Questions I Would Ask Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, a software engineer working for Google, has become increasingly popular as a person to ask webmaster related questions to. I personally watch a lot of his videos and much like many of his viewers I have questions. Unfortunately, because of his immense popularity getting those sorts of questions through to him proves somewhat [...]