Multiplayer Gamer Types

The personality types of gamers playing multiplayer games online discussed and how to defeat them explored! Which gamer type are you? Cool Cat Cool cat believes himself to be almost too cool to be playing video games. He or she will repeatedly remind all other players that they are social misfits or that they have [...]

Movies Debunked: Silencers

Rather than debunk a specific film I decided it was time to debunk the silencer’s portrayal in movies. Silencers are a staple of the action thriller movie, particularly when it relates to government agencies and espionage, but the truth is that they are not anywhere near as effective as movies tend to portray them for [...]

Telstra Ultimate Mobile Broadband Review

Telstra Ultimate Mobile Broadband service review that explores the positives and negatives of Telstra’s relatively new USB Wi-Fi package. Generally, the quality of high-speed Wi-Fi internet in Australia has been of low quality with services basically having tricks and traps associated with them. Telstra is an organization that has been particularly guilty of this on [...]

Good Pair of Headphones for Under $50

While some of the more complex features for headphones are unavailable for purchases below $50, it is still very much possible to get a very good pair of headphones for under $50. Herein, a few examples of good headphones for under $50 will be given. Sennheiser HD 201 and 202 Sennheiser’s HD201 headphones are a [...]

How to Trick Clownfish for Skype

How to trick Clownfish for Skype revealed in this article. How to deceive the Clownfish AI bot using some simple tricks revealed. Basically, all computer chat bots created so far have a series of fundamental problems that can be exploited to fool them. Herein, I will detail some of those tricks. Clownfish’s Age One of [...]

List of Chatterbots

The ultimate list of chatterbots to converse with. This list includes details on a large collection of chat bots as well as information on some very useful bots for applications such as Skype. This list is not arranged in any particular order. Cleverbot Cleverbot is one of the more popular chat bots, providing some of [...]

Silent Hill Downpour Impressions

Box Art

The various pre-releases of Silent Hill Downpour, either in the form of playable demos or trailers, have received mixed reviews from the Silent Hill fan base and generally unfavorable reviews from critics. However, I have somewhat different views from what I have seen and feel that I should express them. This article will also be [...]

Michael Scott Character Analysis

Michael Scott

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrell, is one of the most familiar television characters and yet one that does not undergo much analysis due to the genre in which he is presented. Herein, Michael Scott will be analyzed and discussed with a focus on the significance of his character for the show. How Michael Scott [...]

Best Computer Practical Jokes

A list of the best computer practical jokes and pranks to trick your friends with. From using Google Gravity to replace Google to some fantastic tricks with wallpapers, this guide shows how to trick your friends with simple practical jokes. In order to reverse any of the tricks, simply follow the step-by-step guides but change [...]

Hannibal Lecter Character Analysis

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter was the break out character of Silence of the Lambs with an Oscar winning performance by Anthony Hopkins. However, the analyses offered so far do not seem to adequately cover important aspects of the character such as his modus operandi. It is worth noting that this guide mostly focuses on the Hannibal Lecter [...]

What to Look For In Wireless Internet Deals

What to look for in Wireless Internet deals explored to prevent traps or incurring extra costs. This guide gives a few simple tips to make sure you get the right wireless Internet deal for your needs. The Contract The first thing to examine whenever buying any Internet deal, but especially Wireless Internet deals, is the [...]

Final Fantasy 12 Plot Analysis

Final Fantasy 12 has a fantastic plot, perhaps the strongest plot of the entire Final Fantasy series. The underlying themes of Final Fantasy 12 will be analysed and discussed herein. Final Fantasy 12 Plot Overview The plot of Final Fantasy 12 follows Vaan, an orphan of war, as he gets caught up in a quest [...]

How to Trick Oliver Bot

Experienced Meaning vs. Logical Meaning Normally tricking chat bots is a matter of finding two different phrases or words that basically mean the same thing to confuse it, but Oliver Bot proved a little bit more difficult which may well mean it is the most intelligent chat bot on the Internet. Oliver bot, however, proved [...]

IBM Photographs Atomic Bonds Using Record Player-Like Technology

Researchers at the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) have taken the first direct images of a series of Carbon atoms and their atomic bonds. The same group of researchers were previously responsible for measuring the charge on a single atom. How Did IBM Take Images Of Atomic Bonds? The tool used by researchers at IBM [...]

Choosing the Right Student Desk for Study

A quality study desk can mean a great deal of difference for a student. There are many factors that must be considered before choosing a student desk for studying. Comfort, Computer space, book space, shape and transportability will all be discussed. Comfort Factor The first and most obvious property that a suitable study desk should [...]

Silent Hill Downpour Screenshots

silent hill downpour miners screenshot

Silent Hill Downpour Monster Screenshots

Silent Hill Downpour Plot Themes Analysis

Murphy in the otherworld.

Herein, the plot themes of Silent Hill: Downpour will be explored via what has been learnt from the preview trailers.Interestingly, many of the aesthetic themes that appear to occur in the game are old Shakespearean-time devices such as crows symbolizing death and bad weather an ill omen. It is important to note that this guide [...]

How to Trick Alice Bot

Alice bot has proven to be one of the harder chat bots to trick, but I have worked out how to trick it. In this guide I will reveal a few simple ways to trick ALICE bot. Questions About Time The easiest way to outsmart any chat bot is to ask questions that require a [...]

Five Reasons Why Gorror Movies Don’t Work

A recent horror movie trend that has arisen is including particularly gruesome and gory scenes intended to be scary. This particular form of horror is given the name ‘Gorror’, a mixture of gore and horror. Herein, the five reasons why gorror does not particularly work well as a form of horror will be revealed. Too [...]

What Makes A Good Horror Game

A Classroom in the original Silent Hill game.

While there are a large number of horror video games that are produced, it seems only a few really have a lasting impact as being legitimately scary. I personally have a few ideas as to what makes a good horror game work and what does not. Herein, the various techniques that work to produce impressive [...]