How Cleverbot Really Works

Cleverbot is really a chat AI and not a person, despite the persistant argument that it is fake. Herein I will explain how the chat AI works and show that it really is a chat bot, even though it may seem like a person due to how it works. How Cleverbot Works While it is [...]

Roger Ebert’s Challenge to Gamers

Film critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Roger Ebert has gathered a degree of infamy amongst gamers, and specifically gaming related press, for his view that video games are not art. In this article I am taking the view that Ebert’s position is a challenge to gamers and designers to produce art in the gaming context. [...]

Why Tomb Raider Was a Success

Lara Croft carefully approaches the Kraken.

The early Tomb Raider games were one of the break out successes in the video game industry, but the reasons for its success tend to be oversimplified or ignored. Herein, I will argue that above all else the sublime environments and imagery of the game was the primary reason for its success. The Sublime The [...]

Doom Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to help you in Doom, Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom. Doom Controls Optimization Doom’s default control settings are awful when compared to today’s shooters. As a result, there are a number of great tips that will help you dramatically improve the game. Set Always Run to On Quite a few Doom players [...]

Silent Hill Downpour Characters Analysis

Murphy Close Up Larger Image

The chracters of Silent Hill Downpour take a slightly different route than the previous games as all or most of them seem to be related to the prison system. This leads to a whole series of potential new themes for Downpour to explore. As a warning, this guide is speculate at this stage and may [...]

Silent Hill Downpour Monsters Analysis

Miners Larger Image

The monsters of Silent Hill Downpour analyzed in relation to their meanings in regard to the plot. This guide also includes screenshots of the monsters from Silent Hill Downpour. Note that this guide is speculation and also that it may contain spoilers. The main thing to understand before attempting to understand the meaning of the [...]

Silent Hill 2 Stuck in the Well

James at the bottom of the well.

How to get out of the well at the end of the historical society in Silent Hill 2 revealed. Furthermore, an analysis of the area design and its significance to the overall plot. Those who have not finished the game are advised not to read below the image as to prevent spoilers. How To Get [...]

Silent Hill 2 Born From A Wish Analysis

Maria contemplating what to do.

Silent Hill 2: Born From A Wish Analysis is the prequel to Silent Hill 2 with Maria as the main character. The story occurs just before, during the early stages, of James arrival at Silent Hill 2 and represents the city ‘coming alive’ in response to him. Before reading this guide it is probably best [...]

Silent Hill 3 Confessional Room Analysis

Heather in the confessional booth

The Silent Hill 3 Confessional scene in the church towards the end of the game presents a contradiction to the player: In order to forgive the confessor the player must also forgive Claudia. As such, who the confessor happens to be is not of particular importance but rather the moral dilemma it represents to Heather. [...]

Silent Hill 3 Circle Room Analysis

Notice the dots stopping at the circle

The circle room in Silent Hill 3 is a room in which the wall has an animated texture that slowly becomes a circle, before clearing up. Herein I will argue that the imagery is related to pregnancy. Circle As Ovum The underlying theme of Silent Hill 3 is pregnancy, primarily Heather’s pregnancy. As such, the [...]

Final Fantasy 7 Sephiroth Analysis

Final Fantasy 7′s Sephiroth is often seen as the iconic villain of the Final Fantasy series of video games and perhaps of video games in general. Despite this, the reason why he was so well received as a character are not so often discussed in any sort of depth. Herein, Sephiroth will be analysed by [...]

Final Fantasy 7 Jenova Analysis

Final Fantasy 7′s Jenova played an interesting role in the story as an entity that travels across the universe essentially sucking the life, called the life stream, from planets. Herein, Jenova’s relevance to the Final Fantasy 7 universe will be discussed and analysed. As a result, this article will contain spoilers. Final Fantasy 7 Jenova [...]

Five Worst Final Fantasy Characters

Final Fantasy has had its share of bad characters, but here I will list the five worst Final Fantasy characters that stand far below all the others. 1. Cait Sith – Final Fantasy 7 Some argue that Final Fantasy 7 was the best game in the series, but Cait Sith is definitely the worst character [...]

Fun Things to Do in Oblivion

The game Oblivion is really quite innovative and its free form gaming allows for a great number of fun things to do. Herein, fun things to do in Oblivion will be revealed. Play A low Level Criminal While playing an epic, high level, ultra powered criminal can be fun it is far more rewarding to [...]

Final Fantasy X Anima Analysis

Anima as Female Aspect of Seymour’s Subconscious Mind Final Fantasy X’s anima is more than just another of Final Fantasy 10′s summons, it has a clear symbolism related to the antagonist Seymour. Herein that symbolism will be discussed and analyzed. This, of course, means the article contains spoilers. Final Fantasy X Anima Analysis: Overview Anima [...]

Roger Ebert Vs. Video Games as Art

The well-respected and popular film critic Roger Ebert has made his fairly negative views in regards to video games no mystery with statements such as ‘video games represent a loss of those precious hours we have available to make ourselves more cultured, civilized and empathetic’¹. The question then is: is Roger Ebert right or wrong [...]

Final Fantasy 10 Themes Analysis

The themes of the video game Final Fantasy 10 explored and discussed, focusing on the plot and details of it. This analysis is meant to illuminate aspects of the game rather than serve as a guide on how to complete it. Of course, this means it may contain spoilers. Final Fantasy 10 Themes Final Fantasy [...]

Pokemon Analysis

To be straight up about it, this article will not help you get Mew on Pokemon Red nor will it tell you how to be the best at Pokemon Sapphire, but rather it is an analysis of the Pokemon series collectively and the cultural trends in the series. Pokemon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All The catchphrase [...]

Silent Hill 2 Themes Analysis

The main thing to understand concerning the video game Silent Hill 2 is that the monsters of the game are in fact manifestations from James Sunderland’s mind, with the possible exception of few. As such, understanding the monsters is more a matter of understanding James than some sort of magical or science fiction comprehension. This [...]

3 Most Overrated Websites

The three most most overrated websites on the internet. Digg, Facebook and Myspace all get a clear mention for being overrated. Digg Digg is comfortably the most overrated website, a truly awful website. The problem is that people exploit the voting system to get their own websites and articles higher in the list. The site [...]