Which Silent Hill Game is the Scariest?

Silent Hill 1 is the scariest silent Hill game, easily. What makes it work is that its soundtrack is more dynamic, with more pieces of music preventing any repetition. Furthermore, the designs are more abstract but also more sinister, for example a water tank on the roof is chained up with barb-wire. What may make [...]

Top Five Video Game Monsters

From the creepy to the powerful and entertaining, the top five video game monsters will be revealed. 1. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2 Before Pyramid Head was forced into every piece of silent hill related merchandise, it was no doubt the greatest monster designed in a video game. In its own right it was [...]

Five Bad Taste Games: Five Sickest Video Game Concepts Ever

Despite their reputation, games really tend to be roughly as violent and distasteful as movies and as with movies sometimes a few really awful game concepts make it to development. Here is a list of the top five sickest video games created. 1. Super Columbine Massacre RPG – 2005 Comfortably coming in at number one [...]

Top Five Video Game Guns

The top five video game guns based not on their power but how all round fun they are to use. 1. Stake Gun – Painkiller By far the most fun of the guns on this list, the stake gun literally shoots wooden stakes roughly the size of an adult male’s forearm into the enemy. It [...]

Top Five Horror Games

Herein is listed the top five scariest games, as I see them, and the reason they have been placed so. As a rule, I have only allowed one game per franchise. 1. Silent Hill 2 Comfortably coming in at first on the list, the original Silent Hill reinvented what a horror game could be, Silent [...]

Top Five Scariest Movies

Horror movies have long been a popular genre for moviegoers as they enable them to safely encounter and confront situations that we fear, and hence to come to some kind of resolution concerning them. Herein, the top five scariest movies are listed and explanations given as to why. Top Five Scariest Movies: 1. Alien A [...]

Top Five Video Game Composers

From the underrated to the acknowledged, this list will go through the top five composers of video game music and why they have been listed. 1. Hitoshi Sakimoto Hitoshi Sakimoto remains an extremely underrated video game soundtrack composer. His credits include Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12 and Gradius V. Many critics, upon [...]

Top Five Misunderstood Movies

Symbolism and subtext form an important part of the movie experience and are often found in rich supply in movies leaning more towards Art-house. However, some titles, which have been very successful mainstream, contain some truly impressive subtext that remains largely misunderstood. Herein the top five most misunderstood movies will be discussed and interpreted, as [...]

The Five Best Fantasy Movies Ever

The five best fantasy movies ever made are revealed, with a limit of one movie per series. This article may contain spoilers, so beware those that read ahead. 1. Star Wars: The Empire Strike’s Back While some would argue that the Star War’s series is science fiction, in truth it is very much a fantasy [...]

Three Best Sci Fi Horror Movies

Deciding just what the three best sci fi horror movies was a not as difficult as making many other lists for the simple reason that the genre is very under utilized. Despite some of the best performing movies, economically speaking, being science fiction horror. Herein, three of the best science fiction horror movies will be [...]

Five Trends All Dystopian Future Movies Must Adhere To

The future of humanity is bleak and must be prepared for. Here is a list of tips that movie futures can give us on what to expect in the future, so now you have no excuse to be surprised. 1. Clothes Must Be In Tatters When the harsh future arrives it seems that everyone with [...]

Best Study Music

The best study music, focusing on music without lyrics. Baroque/Classical/Romantic Study Music: Bach Bach’s ordered Baroque music makes a great companion to study, and as an added bonus many of his pieces are also quite long. Tocatta and Fugue in D minor Beethoven Beethoven’s music is often just that bit too passionate to be used [...]

Five Bad Internet Trends

The Internet has its share of problems, such as trolls and other trouble makers, but there are also some other general trends that are emerging that are very irritating. Herein, five bad internet trends will be explored and discussed. Bad Internet Trend 1: Power Abusing Admins As a general rule, whenever someone on the Internet [...]

Dark Knight Ethical Dilemmas

The two ferries at port.

The Dark Knight presented a range of ethical and moral dilemmas via its stand-out antagonist the Joker (Heath Ledger). While some critics have argued the morality of the film was simplistic, it was in fact a little different than they believe with the Joker being less an irrational nihilist and more a hyper-rational pessimist. Herein, [...]

Influences on Jean-luc Godard

An example of Citizen Kane favoring the visual over narrative.

Jean-luc Godard is perhaps the most famous of the French New Wave film makers. Herein, the people and events that influenced Jean-Luc Godard’s films will be explored Orson Welles Orson Welles was also a specific influence on Godard and his film style, specifically Welles’ convention breaking Citizen Kane (Marie 2000, p. 163). This is interesting [...]

Time Travel in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry and Hermione using the time turner to time travel.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban has an example of time travel through a device called a Time Turner. While the entire plot of the film is a little too much to explore, the basic gist of the use of time travel is that the character Sirius Black gets captured and taken to prison [...]

Roger Ebert Mistakes

I personally tend to read Roger Ebert’s reviews. He is quick and to the point, and I respect that style of writing. However, he also has made some mistakes that I view as a little annoying so I wrote this article to explore a few. This article may contain spoilers in regards to the films [...]

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Plot Analysis

Heather Mason from Silent Hill Revelation 3D

Silent Hill 2 Movie Plot Analysis that explores the plot and themes of Silent Hill : Revelation 3d. This plot analysis may contain major spoilers for the film, so if you are a person that likes to go into movies fresh avoid reading further. Furthermore, much of this article is speculative and as such the [...]

Gladiator Movie Meaning Analysis

Commodus and Gracchus argue.

Reality against illusions The meaning of the film Gladiator is that reality is more important than illusory entertainment such as sport and movies. The film itself is a complaint against the focus placed on activities such as sports, computer games and even movies over real world problems. The protagonists in the film are protagonists because [...]

Harry Potter Love Story: How Love is the Theme of Harry Potter

Love as a Magical Force and Theme of Harry Potter While Harry Potter would seem to be a story largely about magic and the battle between good and evil, the true theme of Harry Potter is love. Herein, examples of how the motif of love is used in the Harry Potter world will be revealed [...]