Problems with Self Publishing

The problems with self publishing explored in detail. The rise of self publishing has been something of an inevitability with the rise of ereaders, but this rise has brought some more specific problems to the publishing industry. Herein, some of the problems with self publishing will be discussed.

Lack of Regulation

While traditional publishing models have never truly been regulated, it was a fair bet that if someone stole a great deal from other authors they might be sued. The risk of being sued really served to prevent too much copyright infringement. The rise of self publishing has made this less possible simply because of the volume of people publishing and the difficulty that can be involved tracking down authors who publish on-line only. Amazon does their best to regulate and does ban people’s accounts which are in violation of their terms of service, but people get around this by simply creating another account.

Overall, this has lead to a lot of people making great deals of money by basically stealing other people’s work. Some of the books in very high positions in Google have been created by people basically hiring someone overseas to essentially copy and reword other people’s content to publish it. So they will get someone to copy and reword chicken recipes taken from other people and then they create a book of top 100 chicken recipes with these copied and reworded recipes, neither giving credit to nor passing on some of the money earned to the original authors.


On the Internet it is simply too easily to self-review. As a result that Amazon book with amazing reviews might just have been reviewed by its author. The integrity of the review process, if there every was one, is truly dead.

The Spreading Thin of Money for Authors

For professional writing to flourish quality authors need enough money to focus on writing. The problem with ebooks is that if enough people begin creating them then the market place is saturated with books. The end result is that while there may very well be more overall money in writing, no one ends up earning enough to actually make a living doing it. There might come a time when a lot more books are written, but the quality declines dramatically. Publishing on the Internet is already suffering this problem, books it seems will soon follow.

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