Proof Kim Dotcom is an Idiot

Kim Dotcom is an idiot and his recent statements concerning what he would do if he were president of the United States is absolute proof of this. Here are all Kim Dotcom’s plans for his fantasy presidency with critiques of each of them.

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom: 1. Stop all wars the United States are involved in (offline and online).

This would be an absolute disaster. The USA was attacked and while there can be plenty of debate concerning what the right course of action would be in response suggesting that no action is the right action is an extreme and childish pacifism. There are groups in the world such as Al Qaeda that are intolerant, violent and without sane limits. Avoiding conflict with them so they can acquire more and more advanced plans to attack would be akin to suicide.

Kim Dotcom: 2. Make peace and negotiate diplomatic settlements with all enemies.

The United States already does try to do that for the most part but the peace talks simply fail. Extreme Islamic organizations have impossible expectations and no ability to compromise. Diplomacy just does not work in these cases because the other side will not compromise at all. Another example of completely childish views of how the world functions.

Kim Dotcom: 3. Stop interfering with other nations unless help was asked for.

This one is a little more reasonable and would work somewhat better if Weapons of Mass Destruction and the like did not exist. As it stands it is very hard not to interfere. The US tried that and stopped doing it after a little thing called World War 2 was the result.

Kim Dotcom: 4. Stop supporting Israel’s aggression against Palestine and its other neighbors.

The Israel-Palestine issue is so complex that to pretend a solution can be given with one sentence is another example of Kim Dotcom’s stupidity. On the one hand the Palestinians have a superior claim to the land. On the other, post-World War 2 the Jewish people really did need a homeland of their own. The situation is an ugly, messy situation. The solution is evasive, but ceasing support for Israel is not the answer.

Kim Dotcom: 5. Cut military spending to the minimum required for a “defense” force.

What minimum is that? It is very difficult to know how much money you should truly direct towards militiary spending. Furthermore, the militiary do a range of other activities such as independent research. This research even lead to the Internet itself, which Kim Dotcom exploited to get wealthy.

Kim Dotcom: 6. Use military savings and other cuts to level the budget.

Other cuts? Such as? Its easy to say ‘other cuts’, but when you start to point out what cuts you will be making then you start to make foes.

Kim Dotcom: 7. Stop sending trash to Mars and instead cure diseases on earth.

Oh, cuts to the space program! One of the most successful examples of human endeavour ever that resulted in a whole series of major advances.

Kim Dotcom: 8. Focus on alternative fuel and energy strategies.

More reasonable than other ideas presented by Kim Dotcom but the issue is that none of these programs so far have worked that well. Still, one of the more reasonable suggestions he has made.

Kim Dotcom: 9. Keep the Internet open, free from censorship and stop spying on citizens.

Even pure libertarians would not agree with Dotcom’s definition of open and free. The problem is that in having the Internet so open that people can distribute illegal and copyright material, the creators of that material risk losing money. There are limits to freedom and those limits are when another person’s well being is affected by the over-extension of freedom. Allowing people to trade freely in pirated copyright content is an over-extension.

Kim Dotcom: 10. Make lobbying and political donations illegal and fund political campaigns with taxes.

Not a bad idea, though there would need to be some carefully thought out mechanisms in place to ensure tax-payers money is not overly distributed to fringe parties.

Kim Dotcom: 11. Tax citizens with the highest income the most and with the smallest income the least.

This is not such a bad idea overall, though it is hardly a new one. Overall, not a stupid statement but not a particularly insightful one either.

Kim Dotcom: 12. Increase the number of class rooms / teachers and pay teachers with the best results most.

With what money exactly? The money taken from the already diminishing NASA budget I suppose. Results-based pay is an awful idea because it simply may not be the teacher’s faults. Furthermore, the best teacher’s may try to acquire the best students, making students in disadvantaged areas even more disadvantaged. It also gives an incentive for teacher’s to fake higher grades for their students.

Kim Dotcom: 13. Reform the justice and prisons system and reduce the number of prisoners.

It is hard to judge an idea that is so sketchily presented. Could be a decent idea, but the logistics of it are the important part.

Kim Dotcom: 14. Protect the environment and stop unnecessary pollution.

Real life is not Captain Planet. Corporations responsible for pollution are not cackling as they pour radioactive waste into the nearby Dolphin habitat. It all simply comes down to efficiency and cost. Greener solutions cost more, meaning either higher taxes for everyone to offer government incentives or rules put in place that invariably result in the cost of goods going up. It is still probably a valid point, but Kim Dotcom acts like the issue is so simple.

Kim Dotcom: 15. Fix all other problems.

Really? That is your plan? “Fix all other problems.”? That is what you are going with?


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