Revenue Sharing Sites List

The ultimate list of revenue sharing sites which includes as many sites as possible that contain some kind of revenue sharing system or another. Revenue sharing is when part of the revenues a site receives, either through memberships or more usually through advertising, is passed on to users in some way, usually after they submit content. This means that you can write for a site and get paid part of the earnings on the content you submitted. As a result, you can make money online using these sites with little to no real technical proficiencies. Herein, a list of revenue sharing sites will be given alongside an explanation of how they work and how they share revenue.

Adsense Revenue Sharing

These are sites that use the Adsense system to share revenue.


QWhatDo works by allowing people to write about things to do in their location, like going to a night club or shopping. After an article is written, a map is automatically added to the content you create. It shares 75% of its Adsense impressions with its authors.

Best Reviews

Best Reviews works by allowing users to contribute lists of top 3 to top 20 things. For example, you could write about your top 3 favorite cake recipes or top 3 video games for xbox 360. You can make money from the site by including your Adsense publisher ID so that you receive a certain percentage of advertisement clicks.


YouTube is one of the great overlooked sites for revenue sharing, as people often assume that a revenue sharing site will be a writing site. However, provided you can acquire an audience on YouTube you can generate a surprising amount of revenue from it. Key word is ‘audience’; you really need to be able to attract an audience as College Humor does.


Snipsly shares 80% of its revenue with the author of a piece of content, meaning that if you write for the site you receive 80% of Adsense impressions. This is another place you will need an Adsense publisher ID to write for, but that is really par for the course in online writing.


Excerptz is very much like Snipsly, another WordPress hosted revenue sharing site. Both are pretty good to write for in that they allow backlinks and also revenue sharing. Like Snipsly, it also offers 80% revenue sharing. You need an Adsense ID to write for this particular site.


One of the great things about Hubpages is that you can acquire an Adsense ID from it as it treads every user as a sub-domain, which is very clever. The problem with HubPages, though, is that it often loads incredibly slowly for those with slower connections. This means less traffic and more pain in writing, but only for those with slower connections.


Ask and answer questions and receive a degree of the revenue from the advertisements on those pages. Basically a revenue sharing version of YahooAnswers, with a slight element of WikiAnswers mixed in. Quite a good site, easy to get ideas because you can just browse for questions to answer, or ask your own.


Wizzley offers between 50% – 60% of advertising revenue to authors. One of the major appeals, however, of Wizzley is that the referral benefit is %10. This means that if you refer people to the site you receive %10 advertisements on any work they submit. This can be a fantastic way to earn if you can drive traffic. Furthermore, Wizzley has many options for Amazon affiliate Ids and Chitika advertisements. It really is a very clean, efficient ‘seeming’ place.


Sometimes people forget about Blogger, because it is closer to allowing people their own web space, but Blogger allows people to create their own blog and add Adsense advertisements to it. It is a very underrated medium overall.

Paypal Revenue Sharing

These sites share revenue via Paypal, paying based on various factors such as page views, etc.

Associated Content

Associated Content, now the Yahoo contributor network, allows people to write on basically any topic and receive payments via paypal. These payments are a mixture of upfront and pay-per-views. Upfront tends to be a few dollars, though Yahoo then owns the copyright, and pay-per-view tends to be between $1.50 and $2.00 depending on how many views you have collectively received. Overall, it is not a bad place to write and certainly a nice place to start.


Squidoo is one of the better designed sites, which allows people to post content of almost any variety alongside receiving advertising revenue share and Amazon affiliate link share. Squidoo pays via Paypal, which can be appealing for those unwilling to create an Adsense Publisher ID.

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