Royal Pains Review

Royal Pains is one of the stranger series to hit television in recent years primarily on account of how amazingly dry it is. The series is about a doctor who is fired for deciding to save the lives of two poor patients rather than one wealthy patient, who just so happened to be a sponsor of the hospital. Through a series of plot twists he ends up as a concierge doctor in the Hamptons, treating wealthy patients. It  is a very interesting initial premise that could be explored in a number of ways. However, Royal Pains takes none of these options.

Royal Pains Hank

The strange thing about watching the show is that it never quite successfully brings up the issue of wealth again. After this start, which is a strong start that actually more closely resembles the type of themes that might arise in a series such as House, the entire show sees the doctor Hank go about treating the wealthy which seems in direct contrast to his character. Now, it might be fair that he needs a job and so simply has to take this one treating the poor, but this topic should come up in more interesting ways than it does. The show simply is very shallow and uninteresting.

Royal Pains

The weird thing is that the production values of the show itself are not bad. The actors do a fine job, the camera work is top notch, even the directing seems pretty spot on. The show seems to simply be happy being mind numbingly simple. Perhaps this is the point and the demographic it is aimed at are not the over-thinkers, but viewers searching for a little more depth may at first feel as though they have missed something and then surely disappointed.

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