SEO is a Sham

This article will explore what aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are a sham and what aspects are valid.

Too Much SEO is a Waste of Time

One of the main reasons people considered SEO to be a sham is that they do all that SEO techniques suggest yet do not achieve results. The main thing to take into account is that Google, and other search engines, is simply trying to present the best possible content that succinctly matches the needs of searchers. The absolute core of SEO is simply making it clear to search engines what content of your web page is so that it can be effectively indexed. As a result, many people who consider SEO a sham are simply optimising their page beyond what it truly needs. Often, getting a page indexed and a few backlinks is plenty enough, the content does the rest.

Is SEO is a Waste of Money?

There are some SEO services around that offer to improve a website’s search rankins in exchange for pay. This can take the form of creating a whole series of backlinks, advising how a website ought be made, etc. Overall, whether it is worth hiring some variety of SEO consultant is debateable. For the most part, a good web developer should already have handled the important aspects of SEO through a good site design. However, if you have an organization that is particularly dependant on the internet for sales, SEO is simply a must and hiring a consultant will likely well be worth it as every extra visitor can mean an extra sale.

A Certain Amount of SEO is Vital

Despite SEO being drastically overhyped, a certain amount of it is still vital specifically for a starting site. The main thing is to get a few backlinks and make sure your pages are indexed. Furthermore, make sure that text on the page contains the sort of phrases people using search engines would type in. That simple. Anything further is generally unnecessary.

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