Silent Hill HD Collection Patch Cancelled for Xbox

The patch to address technical issues for Silent Hill HD Collection has been cancelled for Xbox versions of the game. This is sure to be a major disappointment to fans of the games who were hoping for a good, HD versions of two of the more popular games in the Silent Hill series. Problems with the games were so severe that quality complaints caused Amazon to stop distributing the product. The problems included graphical issues, stuttering, control problems and messy textures.

Silent Hill HD Collection Comparison

Given previous negative reactions from the Silent Hill fanbase for far lesser infractions, this is sure to prove problematic for Konami and the series in general.

On the plus side, though, Konami is offering a free game for customers affected provided they have a receipt to prove purchase, as listed here. Some of the games they are offering are pretty good and quite new, so it is a very generous offer on Konami’s part showing that they are not messing around on the point.

Overall, I feel sorry for Konami and the developers, as well as the customers. The customers got an inferior product, but Konami and the developers were struggling with severe issues. Primarily, the developers did not have a complete version of the game to work from as the source code that was, unknown to them, an incomplete version of the game. As a result, what should have been a relatively easy update turned into a bug chasing process as detailed here.


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