Silent Hill Revelation 3D Characters

The characters of Silent Hill Revelation 3D. A listing of the various characters from the film Silent Hill Revelation 3D, based upon characters from the video game Silent Hill 3. There are some differences between the characters in Silent Hill 3 and Revelation 3D, but overall they are relatively similar. It is worth noting that this article may very well contain spoilers, despite the fact that it is speculative.

Heather Mason

Silent Hill Revelationd 3D Heather Mason

Heather is essentially the continuation of Cheryl from the first film. The precise way the film will handle this is not known, but will no doubt prove interesting.

The actress playing Heather Mason is Adelaide Clemens.

Harry Mason


Harry Mason is Heather’s adoptive father, not biological. He is a fairly typical father figure.

The actor playing Harry Mason is Sean Bean.

Vincent Carter


Vincent is played by Kit Harington

Leonard Wolf


Leonard is played by Malcolm McDowell.

Claudia Wolf


Claudia is played by Carrie-Ann Moss

Dahlia Gillespie

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Dahlia Gillespie

Dahlia is played by Deborah Kara Unger.


Silent Hill Revelation 3D Douglas

Douglas is a private detective hired by Claudia to track down Heather. The size of the role he will play in the film is unknown, though it seems somewhat smaller than in the game.

Douglas is played by Martin Donovan.


Silent Hill Revelation 3D Alessa

Alessa is basically akin to Heather Mason’s shadow archetype, in that it represents her negative repressed feelings and desires.

Rose Da Silva


Rose is played by Radha Mitchell.

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