Silent Hill Revelation 3D Monsters

The monsters of Silent Hill Revelation 3d. This is a detailed listing of the monsters in the upcoming Silent Hill Revelation 3D, based on the video game Silent Hill 3. The following is speculation but may contain spoilers.

Mannequin Spider

Silent Hill Revelation 3d Mannequin Spider

This monster appears to be completely new for the movie and not really related to anything specific from the games. In Silent Hill 3 Mannequin’s are often the target for Heather’s subconscious dislike of women she considers to have a better appearance than her. Precisely what this monster represents is at this stage unknown. It is worth noting, however, that Spiders are often a symbol of female power and more specifically the power of the female reproductive cycle.

Pyramid Head

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head does not really fit into the mythos of either of the Silent Hill themes as it is directly related to James Sunderland, but it seems the idea in Revelation 3D is that it will take the role of Valtiel. Valtiel essentially functions as Heather’s subconscious understanding of the role of males.


Silent Hill Revelation 3D Nurse

The nurses represent Heater/Alessa’s fear of hospitals. While the design of these nurses is somewhat incorrect for this particular mythos, more reminiscent of those from Silent Hill 2, they are likely to be one of the more interesting parts of the film.

Lying Figure

 Silent Hill Revelationd 3D Lying Figure

The lying figure actually belongs, once again, to the mythos of Silent Hill 2 rather than Silent Hill 3. However, given that it symbolizes suffering it is at least quite universally applicable. Furthermore, this monster came across the best in the trailer as it is shrouded in darkness.

Memory of Alessa

 Silent Hill Revelation 3D Alessa

Memory of Alessa serves as the repressed aspects of Heather’s personality, somewhat akin to the Shadow Archetype from Jungian psychoanalysis.

Claudia’s Monster Form

Claudia's Monster Form

This creature has shown up on the latest TV spots and appears clearly feminine. It seems to be Claudia’s monster form, or at least speculation suggests as much. There is something in its design that vaguely seems like a knight.

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