Silent Hill Downpour Characters Analysis

The chracters of Silent Hill Downpour take a slightly different route than the previous games as all or most of them seem to be related to the prison system. This leads to a whole series of potential new themes for Downpour to explore. As a warning, this guide is speculate at this stage and may contain spoilers.

Murphy Pendleton

silent hill downpour murphy close up silent hill downpour murphy in prison image

Murphy Pendleton, prisoner number RS 273A, is the protagonist of Silent Hill: Downpour. While being transported from a high security prison he finds himself freed when his prison bus suddenly overturns near the city of Silent Hill. Determined to avoid returning to prison, he flees the scene of the crash and finds himself unable to avoid the city which is becoming increasingly infested with strange creatures.

Speculation: The interesting question concerning Murphy is in regards to what crime he commmitted. Is it possible that the monsters of the city of Silent Hill are living human beings and he is in fact still a murderer? Interestingly Murphy is also afraid of water to some degree suggesting some variety of psychological trauma related to water in his past.

Anne Cunningham

silent hill downpour anne cunningham

“My father was a good man. He didn’t believe in revenge. But I do.”

Anne Cunningham is a female prison officer/police officer and features prominently in the plot. She was one of the prison guards on the prison bus that crashed and sets out in pursuit of Murphy, thus taking the role of primary antagonist. Based on the trailers and promotional art, it seems she also has a particular antiphathy towards Murphy.


J.P. appears to kill himself during the game by jumping off a platform overhanging the gorge named Devil’s Pit. He has a vague discussion with Murphy about murder.

Howard Blackwood

silent hill downpour howard blackwood

Howard Blackwood is a post-man that seems to appear periodically throughout silent hill.


silent hill downpour nun

The nun appears to play only a small role in the game and despite religion having previously been associated with malign cult activity in Silent Hill, this character seems somewhat decent and kind.


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