Sites Like Cleverbot

List of sites like Cleverbot that you can access to talk to various chat bots. There are actually quite a few similar sites to Cleverbot around and listing every single one is a big ask, but I’ll give it a shot.


Jabberwacky seems to be made by the same people who created Cleverbot, or at least is sponsored by them with an advertisement related to Cleverbot on the right hand side of the screen. It is not as smooth as Cleverbot, but is a fun distraction and functions quite similarly. It also has a text-to-speech feature, though does not at this time seem to have an avatar.


iGod is one of the more popular sites like Cleverbot. The basic idea behind it is that iGod is meant to be god and you are having a direct chat with it.


One of the earlier chat bots and still one of the best, ALICE is a little more consistent in its answers than Cleverbot though not as fun. The great thing is that you can use the basic core of ALICE to make your own bot, though it is hardly an easy process.


A chat bot that is meant to be a robot of some kind. It is a mixture of a chat bot and an interactive game, with a visual display of a robot that has various functions and buttons available to be clicked.


This AI is actually one of the more intelligent ones, with very consistent responses. However, it is not as fun as Cleverbot for just the same reason.

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