Sites Similar to Google

Sites similar to Google listed here. Google is the most popular search engine but it is far from the only one. Here are other search engines like Google listed with explanations as to how each of them operates. The aim of this list is to give examples of other sites like Google rather than just any other search engine.


Bing Screen Capture

Bing is basically Microsoft’s Google and works pretty well. The search results and way in which it functions are almost identical to Google, though some of Google’s newer features have been opted against. This can be a good general alternative to Google and tends to have less advertisements on each page. Slowly, it has grown bigger and taken some of Google’s market share.


Volunia Screen Capture

Volunia is an Italian search engine but has full English functionality. The cool thing about this search engine is that it is a social engine which enables people to share what they are looking up and to comment on pages. So you can comment on a website via the search engine and others can read that comment. This is a great idea as it means people can share tips and opinions. This search engine really is the one to watch, almost like an amalgamation of Facebook and Google.


Ixquick focuses on being a very private search engine where your data and IP address are not recorded when you use it. Basically, if you do not wish for your digital fingerprint to be around the Internet this is the search engine to use.


Exalead Screen Capture

If you are after very unique results that focus on social media, forums and hidden content then Exalead is a great search engine. The idea is that it is an intelligence search engine designed for tracking information about people and websites down, rather than directly providing content. You’ll notice in the picture above that searching for the terms ‘Esoteric Articles’ brought up the twitter account associated with Esoteric Articles. A little bit creepy that it manages to associate the two, but interesting and a very useful search engine.


Baidu Screen Capture

Baidu is basically the Chinese Google, but returns very different results. While it is in Chinese, if you have a browser that can convert such as Google Chrome then it can actually be a useful search engine. It is sometimes good to get a different cultural take on things, which Baidu can provide.


There are a lot of good search engines around much like Google. While it is hard to imagine Google losing its market lead, some of its competitors really do have innovative and clever features that may eventually see it ousted as the number one search engine.

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